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Laravel Training in Nepal

Are you looking for a PHP framework to become a skillful web developer? If you are, Laravel training in IT Training Nepal is what you need.

PHP is one of the most widely used language for developing web application. But using PHP alone is a bit time consuming and unorganized. For this reason, PHP framework have been developed. They help in rapid development of stable application and save time.  Open source PHP framework such as laravel works in the idea of Model View Controller(MVC) architecture. Model means data, View means presentation and Control means logic.

The advantages of using Laravel:

  • The syntax are expressive.
  • Makes the development process less stressful and more enjoyable.
  • It allows the basic tasks to be done with less complexity.

How is the Laravel course designed?

IT Training Nepal is a renowned name when it comes to IT related training. In order to specialize in a framework, understanding the core concept is essential. IT Training Nepal helps students gain all the knowledge of framework and web development. Here, we provide you job oriented training. Students will make real application and websites. They will be taught about MVC architecture in details. Students are also taught to make websites more organized. 

How is the Laravel class conducted at our computer institute?

The classes are conducted in a way students can benefit the most. The classes are 2 hours a day for two months. The time of the day are as preferred by students. The students are well assessed first and if they need some additional knowledge ahead of the course, they are provided so that they have full grasp on the subject. We have an experienced tutor with years of experience in this field. We have a well-equipped labs and all the necessary course materials are provided to the students. We giving regular tests and  assignments. Students are also helped to develop a real time application as a project.


  • To make students clearly understand about the MVC architecture in frameworks.
  • To make faster and more effective web based application.
  • To make the web development less stressful.
  • To make organized websites and write understandable codes.

This program can be very useful for people seeking career in web development. You will understand good concept of MVC and the advantages of using framework. You can create complex websites in less time. You will learn to write organized codes and make standard application. You will be able to make effective and user required websites. This course will also help you make learning other frameworks easy.   

Who can join Laravel Training in Nepal?

Laravel course is designed for students who are interested in web development. Newly graduates can join this to become a professional web developer. Other IT personnels looking to eexpand theor knowledge in frameworks can also join.


Students need to have good understanding of PHP and MySQL in order to learn this course. The idea of HTML and CSS is also required.


Module 1:

  1. Introduction (composer, how laravel works, single entry point, mvc pattern).
  2. Routing api and web (GET,POST,PUT,PATCH,DELETE etc) (csrf protection).
  3. Artisan (Laravel build in CLI, create your own CLI application).
  4. MVC
    1. Create Controller for business logic.
    2. Create model to work with DB.
    3. View the presentation layer.
  5. Dependency injection.
  6. Database
    1. DB architect with Laravel migration.
    2. Data seeding with Laravel Seeders.
    3. Large amount of DB seed with Laravel Factory.
    4. Eloquent ORM to work with mysql.
    5. DB Facade to work with mysql.
    6. Pagination.
    7. Db table relationships (one to one, one to many, many to many).
    8. Collections.
  7. Templating with blade syntax.
  8. Cookies and Session Facade/Helper functions.
  9. Request and Response lifecycle.
  10. Laravel Authentication (concept of guards).
  11. Middleware to check a valid request.
  12. Service container / Service Providers and Facade.
  13. Validation.
  14. Mailing and Events.
  15. Laravel frontend support(ES6/SCSS bundling with webpack).
  16. Deploying Laravel application.

Career opportunity after learning Laravel course

IT has revolutionized the world and web application is an integral part of it. It is getting more advanced and thus developers are expected to meet those criteria. A professional with a good command in frameworks can build advanced websites in less time which is the requirement of modern web development. Web development is done in all the small and big IT companies in the world. Therefore web developers are highly in demand. Laravel web developers are paid well and there is good chances of career growth. 


Laravel Training in Nepal

I studied Laravel from IT Training Nepal. After taking this course, my skills in developing websites increased. I began to enjoy making websites.  IT Training Nepal was responsible to guide me properly and help me to become a good web developer. I suggest you to take this course here.

Rating: 5
Laravel Training in Nepal

I learned the Laravel framework after taking the PHP course from IT Training Nepal. I am very satisfied by the served of the institute. It helped me make my career. The teacher was good. Now I am a web developer and build websites in Laravel. I think people who want to learn web development should go for this course.

Rating: 5
Laravel Training in Nepal

Laravel course is designed for students who are interested in web development. Newly graduates can join this to become a professional web developer. Other IT personnels looking to eexpand theor knowledge in frameworks can also join. 

Rating: 5