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Corporate IT Training

IT Training Nepal has been providing corporate IT training to different organizations. The main objective of Corporate IT Training is to give knowledge that will help an individual to perform day-to-day computer activities professionally. We generally encounter lots of problems like losing our files, creating professional reports, creating effective presentations, and making use of the Internet/ Email the best way. Our course is devised in such a way that it gives full insight into the tools and techniques that we require in our everyday work.


The objective of corporate IT training is to give a good overview of the applications that are used almost daily at the day-to-day jobs. After going through this training one can handle office applications, email, internet, image optimization, and organizing files very efficiently.

Who can join corporate IT training?

This training is specially designed for people working at corporate offices and who want to sharpen their knowledge in terms of using office applications. However, anyone who is interested in this training can take it.

Prerequisites: No previous computer knowledge is required. However, if you have a basic understanding of computers and you are using a computer for sending emails, typing letters, and browsing websites then it will be a plus.

Syllabus Expand All
  • Managing files and folders in a proper manner
  • The importance of PDF files
  • Extracting text from images using OCR techniques
  • Compressing documents
  • Optimizing images to send via email or use it in documents
  • Knowledge of Social Media and its importance
  • Creating effective presentations
  • Defining access level privilege in Computer, restrict unauthorized access to your computer.
  • Using advanced techniques of MS. Word like multiple header and footer, generating TOC, generating Bibliography, generating a list of tables, generating a list of figures, tracking documents, using mail merge, etc.
  • Managing records in Excel sheets, creating charts, generating custom formulae using if-else statements, vlookup, hlookup, data validation, advanced filter, subgroup, pivot table for data analysis, and advanced formatting are some of the topics covered in Excel.
  • creating effective PowerPoint presentations with custom animations
  • using Outlook, creating rules and alerts, managing emails, creating a distribution list, manage to follow up
  • Virus, types of virus, security measures, using antivirus
  • using Google Docs to collaborate documents at real-time.
  • creating a survey form using Google Docs
  • use of utility tools like disk defragmenter
  • Backup and recovery, the importance of data backup
  • Discussion on ergonomics (health hazards) for computer users

For a complete list of professional computer training courses please follow the link Computer Training.

We have successfully conducted the Training for a team of Rastriya Banijya Bank Retirement Fund, Singha Durbar, SAARC Secretariat, Canadian Cooperation Office, local partners of Ecpat Luxembourg Nepal, Micronutrient Initiative, Ministry of Health and Population, Teku Office and other government officials. Our training has been highly appreciated by them.

We can also conduct training as per your requirement. If you have any custom requirements or if you want to conduct corporate IT training for your organization then please send us an inquiry.

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The teaching staff at ITN provides valuable knowledge and practical skills. I work for administrative department at a school, and whatever ideas and knowledge that I have gained at ITN has helped a lot in my field of work from managerial skills to documentation management to creating a productive output.

Harihar Dahal

ITN strives to impart the best Corporate IT training with professional trainers and experts. With a team of reliable and competent teachers, my potential technical skills have definitely heightened up. Being a part of ITN has been a rewarding experience.

Rameshwar Sapkota

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