IT Support Officer Training

IT support officers undertake various technical responsibilities of an organization. They are responsible for monitoring and maintaining computer systems and Networks. Installing and configuring systems, diagnosing and troubleshooting problems, and managing resources among individuals and departments are some common types of jobs that an IT support Officer needs to perform.

Nowadays almost all types of organizations rely on computers for various operations and decision-making processes. Effective running and efficient use of technology will increase efficiency and accuracy in operations. Therefore, modern management lays emphasis on the proper running and maintenance of IT systems.

In this position, it is essential to keep knowledge of all the technical aspects of hardware or software and perform the job in a professional way. Moreover, in the IT world, new technologies are introduced very often. Therefore, IT support officers need to stay updated with the recent advancement in hardware technologies and software applications. In short, this job is all about understanding how information systems work and how to optimize them to get the best results.

Candidates entering into this field can boost their careers by increasing and upgrading their skills within a specific industry or area. Gradual growth to the specialist position can be attained with constant learning and upgrading of skills. Supervising roles can also be taken by candidates after gaining experience in the job. Self-employment is also another option and candidates may choose to offer contract basis work or job-based work. You may also choose to become a system developer or software engineer in this field.

Acknowledging this essentially, IT Training Nepal has launched a course as IT Support Officer Training for people who are working as a technical support officers in an organization where IT systems are deployed. The course will be beneficial to those who want to gain knowledge in different technical aspects related to IT.

With this course, we aim to develop the fundamental knowledge required for the smooth operation of computer systems and hardware. This course aims to develop various skills such as technical skills, organizational skills, and logical skills for developing plans and strategies in the candidates for efficient use and allocation of resources within the organization.


The main objective of this training program is to produce qualified professionals who will be able to work as IT support officers in various organizations.

The objectives of this training program are

  • Develop a foundational knowledge of basic concepts of computer systems and hardware.
  • Develop skills and use tools to configure and maintain computer systems and hardware.
  • Develop a plan, and strategies to implement troubleshooting, supervision, and resource allocation.
  • Develop and implement strategies and use tools to test and implement new technology as per requirements.
  • Develop various other skills such as organization skills, and logical skills required in the profession.

Who can join IT to support officer training?

This course is specially designed for people intending to work as IT Support Officers. Since IT Support Officers are required in private companies, manufacturers, retailers, government offices, health, and medical services, and call centers; this course will provide a springboard to enter into these sectors. As well, students and other professionals will also benefit from the foundation knowledge offered in this training.


This course starts from the foundation of IT support, so no prior qualification is required except basic familiarity with computer operation.

Syllabus Expand All

IT support officers' main responsibility is to ensure the smooth operation of the computer system within the organization. They facilitate other staff by helping them with the common computer problems they encounter during the work. Some of the common task performed by IT support officer includes the following things:

  • install and uninstall system software and application software
  • assemble computer hardware
  • troubleshooting hardware problems and replacing the damaged hardware parts with the new one
  • ensure the smooth operation of network devices and computers in a LAN
  • assist staff and help them in fixing common computer problems
  • keep an inventory of the running devices and damaged devices
  • help staff to update the software on the release of newer versions
  • install and configure new systems by going through the manuals and diagrams
  • defining access level privilege for the users
  • keep an index of the hardware and software suppliers along with third-party support
  • test and implement new technology as and when required
  • ensure the proper backup system to recover on hardware failures

A person who wants to work as an IT support technician can find a job easily because it is required by every organization where the use of computers is high. IT support technicians can also get contract-based jobs like the monthly maintenance contract of cyber cafes and other small offices.

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The teacher is very knowledgeable and patient person. The course lessons were easy and informative. And the tutorials and hand on enabled me to grasp the details thoroughly. Loved every minute at IT Training Nepal, it is really helping me now at my work.

Shyam Banjade

What I liked most about IT Training Nepal is that they use strong feedback system to access the learning level and pattern of student. And the assignment and practical work really helps the beginners like me to understand the concept more easily.

Gaurav Tuladhar

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