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IT Training Nepal offers real-time and placement oriented accounting training in Kathmandu Nepal. The course is designed in a way that it gives knowledge of manual accounting leading to computer accounting.

Probably one of the most common training people take for uplifting their career prospects is accounting training. The growing business market makes it very understandable why this particular training is so popular. Speaking of the cliché, there are various types of accounting applications that can be learned in the training phases. Different accounting applications are currently in use in different fields such as tally, fact, etc.

In all such practical focused training institutions, IT Training Nepal Pvt. Ltd. definitely stands at the topmost place of the list. The experienced and qualified staff and the relevant facilities provided here make ITN a prominent place to satisfy your wish to learn Accounting Training in Nepal.


  • Professional trainers working in the corporate accounting field since 10 years or more.
  • Provision of reference materials for studying at home
  • Video recordings of classes
  • Practical classes, lab exercises, live projects in account and tax.
  • Provision of internships after completion of course
  • Affordable price in comparison to the course syllabus and training facilities.
  • Moderate number of students in each batch, not more than 8 per class.
  • Flexible class timings as per your convenience.
  • Placement assistance for all candidates after completion of course
  • Direct placement provisions for high caliber students incorporate houses with a good salary.
  • Discount for economically weak candidates

We have launched this course after rigorous workout and discussion with professional accounting gurus. The course covers every aspect of accounting such as financial management, inventory management, reporting financial transactions, knowledge of taxation, payroll, etc. The course is practical oriented. Candidates will learn to use tally efficiently. Along with tally, they will be given in-depth knowledge in using excel.


In an accounting package, both manual account keeping and computerized accounting training are provided.


Manual accounting concepts helps students to understand accounting principles and basics.

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Basic concepts of accounting
  • Accounting methods and rules
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Recording Accounting transaction
  • Preparing journals and ledgers
  • Generating Trial Balance
  • Creating Balance Sheet
  • Concept of Tax, VAT, TDS
  • Banking Transactions
  • Inventory Keeping and Management


One of the most popular software used in day to day accounting is Tally accounting software. Tally is powerful accounting software designed to execute complex day to day activities associated with enterprise. Tally accounting software has an easy GUI making it more conventional to use. Tally has all the options for account classification, legder, managing account receivable and payable, bank reconciliation, inventory management, bank reconciliation etc. Due to its reliability, this software is in use form a long time and the popularity and use of it is not flattening any time soon.

Understanding and knowing how to effectively use this software is becoming more beneficial for those who want to work in the field of accounting. Thus, to meet the demands of the growing number of students wanting to learn about this application, IT Training Nepal have incorporated tally in accounting training package and provides practical classes to people in Tally.

  • Creating Company
  • Deleting company
  • Ledger opening
  • single and multiple ledger
  • Managing stock
  • Vouchers Payment,
  • Receipt and Journal Vouchers
  • Interest Calculations


Taking up this course at TFN has helped me a greater deal in understanding about the concepts of accounting and financing. Keeping day-to-day bookkeeping of my store has been easier to me as opposed to prior when I had no knowledge on accounting. ITN has proved to be the best solution.



IT Training Nepal

The dedicated professionals here at ITN leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering quality knowledge and training. After joining ITN, my accounting skills have definitely improved a lot more and I am now implementing what I have learned in my daily life. I recommend everyone to once visit ITN for other courses as well.



IT Training Nepal

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