IT Training Nepal integrates modern techniques such as events, workshop and seminar as a significant part of its learning process because such activities results momentous effect in the learning process of students.

Also, with an objective to establish a fun and take-the-challenge based learning in students, IT Training Nepal, at frequent intervals, organizes events, workshops and seminar.

Event- based-competitions are helpful in building team-spirit within individuals. Some will also build leadership and motivation skills to encourage and guide their group members. Students will gain necessary traits such as zest, awareness and dynamism in the related subject as a result of exhibiting active participation in events. These traits will eventually develop their proficiency and skills in the current IT industry.

Events will also help to build project-management skill in students which is beneficial in the growth of their future career.

Change is a continuous process of Information Technology as a result of which college and university graduates lack the knowledge of recent innovative techniques of IT market. IT Training Nepal focuses on seminars on the topics of recent technological development of IT industry and organizes seminars both inside and outside its premises. Seminars are also performed in various IT colleges with the demonstration of modern technological equipments.

IT- Workshops, on the other hand is a one more technique followed by IT Training Nepal in order to enhance a products' features on a collaborative approach. It involves an intensive discussion session including question and answers, suggestions, comments and new insights.

With workshops we focus on students' ability to be interactive, demonstrative and collaborative on a given subject matter. This gives multi-dimensional benefits to students about the chosen subject. The expertise benefit by skills of demonstration whereas the participants benefit by learning new things.