Importance of professional qualification after an academic degree

Academic education gives us a very good foundation in our study area. However, to jump into the industry one must have knowledge of industry. Academic education leaves us raw. We may have knowledge but that may need polishing some sharpening. Most of the students graduating lack practical exposure and experience. Especially in our country where practical mode of learning is not highly emphasized, professional training after academic degree is very important. The dynamics of market has changed significantly due to globalization and commercial growth. The companies have to compete globally nowadays. So, obviously aspiring companies do not want to hire inexperienced persons as employees, they generally do not want spend their time and resource to train and then take the risk of successful blending into the company culture. Hence, the trend of internship by a company to its prospective employee is slowly eloping.

These days, most of the companies want to hire certified professional as certification provides assurance and recognition of the specific set of skills and knowledge for a particular job. The trend of providing internship by training institute is becoming more and more visible now-a-days. However, students should be selective about the quality and quantity of exposure and experience they will receive.

Students can get professional qualification at IT Training Center like IT Training Nepal where they are given practical knowledge. They can see real time applications being developed which will help them to prepare them for the job. Professional qualification in IT is a must. Moreover IT Training Nepal also has a provision of providing internship where students will get an opportunity to develop real time applications.

Whether you are experienced professional or novice you must have professional qualification to continually upgrade your knowledge and skill level. Every organization needs to continuously grow in-terms of its profile and market reach thus in professional pursuit professional qualification has very high significance. It has mutual benefits for both individual and organization.