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Job Opportunities for IT and non-IT Graduates

IT Training Nepal is currently running a training program in coordination with a software development company in Nepal. We currently have 15 job openings. The requirements for the job are knowledge of PHP, Knowledge of Object-oriented PHP, knowledge of MVC (Model View Controller), and Knowledge of WordPress.

We are training interested graduates from both IT and non-IT sectors. We are planning for them to train in the above-mentioned course within a month.

After the completion of the training, the graduates will have to pass through our exam. If they pass the exam they will qualify for the job and we will forward their CV to the software company for further processing. The final interview will take place at the software company itself. If they pass the interview then they will be qualified for the job. However, we believe that once a candidate passes our exam they will get a job.

If a candidate couldn't qualify for the job then we will again place them in our training program and train them. After the completion of the training, we will place them in other software companies.

We have been receiving a lot of demands from IT companies in Nepal. We are experiencing a great shortage of IT manpower in Nepal.

We are trying to bridge the gap that is prevailing among fresh IT graduates.