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JQuery Image Slider

JQuery Image Slider Module has been developed by students during the Joomla Training course. This module is a prototype that demonstrate how slideshow can be developed for Joomla. It can be

Module Description

JQuery Image Slider has been developed to display images in a slideshow. It can be used for displaying image gallaries in your Joomla website. The module is compatible with Joomla 3.0 version.

Module Features

  • The module can display images from banner categories. 
  • Banner can be fetched from multiple categories.
  • The module can pull images from any folder inside image folder of Joomla.
  • This module uses different themes to display slideshow. 
  • The slider is responsive so that it fits in different devices.


You can download the module via this link https://www.ittrainingnepal.com/downloads/mod_ittraningnepal_slider.zip

How to install and configure Module ?

  • Go to Extension and select the module and install the module. The module installation process is similar to installation of other kinds of extensions.