Php Project

In this section you will find the list of PHP projects done by the students at IT Training Nepal during their internship. PHP Projects include websites and web based applications. There are a wide variety of projects in this section. Each project may have its own features. Also similar projects may have same or different features.

Project Work After Procedural PHP

It takes approximately 45 days to cover the basic PHP syllabus. During the training student are made to visualize the concept of the project. Based on that concept, they will design the database architecture for the project and will then start developing the system. By the end of the training period, they will complete that project. 

Project Work after Object Oriented PHP

The project developed during this phase will apply the principles of object oriented programming like class and object, inheritance, interface,etc. PHP projects created using object oriented pattern 

Project Work after Advanced PHP

In this phase, students will develop projects in MVC architecture. The project will be highly robust in terms of code optimization, reuse and security. 

At IT Training Nepal students can develop projects they are interested in. We help students to develop projects to get a real time exposure. If you are interested in the project developed by the student and want to customize them on your needs, please contact us.

You can view the admin section of the projects by logging in with the username and password provided.