Skills needed for a successful video editor

Here are some of the skills required by every successful video editor.

1) Storyteller

The editor is responsible to assemble all the raw footage and make it into a sequence with the help of just a brief outline. Your video should follow a proper sequence. if the story telling is bad or there is no relation between clips then the audience will not like the video. Therefore, your video should be able to communicate properly with the audience and it should keep your audience engaged all the tiime.

2)  Remove unncessary things

The video editor should be able to identify the unwanted or unnecessary clips from the video. If you give to edit a video to an unexperienced editor then in most of the cases the video will be too long. They cannot distinguish what is needed and what is not. Hence, a good video editor should be able to remove unnecessary things from the video without disturbing its flow. Short and sweet videos are always good to watch and it attracts the audience all the time.

3) Good knowledge of Audio

A good video editor should know how to place proper audio. A video without audio is of no use. Audio helps the audience get engaged with the video all the time. Sometimes in a sequence both the presence of audio and video is important. It will be meaningless if any one of the element is absent. Therefore, selection of good audio and its type greatly effects the overall video rating. Hence, a video editor should have a good knowledge of audio.

4) Tools

If a video editor is well familiar with the tools then he can work as per his/her imagination else it will be hard to accomplish things most of the time. Tools helps us to achieve perfection in video. Some of the tools and techniques required by a video editor are video effects, audio effects. Along with that video editor should also know about the color correction technique which will give cinematic effect to the videos. Knowing shortcuts will help to make the work easier and faster. There are different types of cuts that a video editor should apply while making a video For e.g. Jump Cut, J Cut, L Cut, Cross Cutting, Standard Shot, Monage and so on. Therefore, good confidence of tools like premiere pro and final cut pro will help the video editor work professionally.

5) Problem solving skills

Different types of problem arises while editing videos. In some cases there can be noise in the video. There can also be different video resolution or the raw footage can be of various resolution. One should be able to solve these types of problem. Along with this sometimes your video might get corrupted. Hence, the practice of taking regular backups of your video will save a lot of time.

6) Communication skills

Above all a good video editor should have a good communication skills. A video editor is responsible to understand the requirement of the client. While developing a video the video editor should work with multiple parties. Hence, the video editor should also know how to maintain a good relationship with everyone.

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