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Video editing as a career

Video editing has a lot of demand in today's world since people have started to interact through videos which has increased the use of video sharing platforms like YouTube, Met cafe, Vimeo, Break, Daily motion and many more. Videos are a great way to tell story, engage your customers since videos have a wide reach and following with a great impact. If we see the trend then video has greatly influenced the education industry as well as entertainment industry. These days students are more comfortable learning online with the help of video tutorials. We see a lot of free video tutorial website. Along with that we can also see subscription based video tutorial websites as well like Udemy, Lynda and so on. Students can also find lots of video tutorials in social media like YouTube. The use of videos in entertainment industry is also in the rising trend. People have started to develop personal music videos, short movies, news related videos and movies as well. The main reason of increasing trend in using videos is the reach of technology. Anybody with limited skill set and small investment can start developing videos. To become a video editor you can simply learn using tools like Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro along with other sound editing tools like Adobe Audition or Audacity.

It is very easy to get a job or start career as a video editor. These days we can find a lot of YouTubers who have been developing both educational and entertainment videos. It is also easy to share videos developed by you and start earning from the videos. Some of the places where video editing skill is needed is mentioned below:

Advertising Company:

Video editing skills is needed in advertising company where video commercials are made. If you have a good skill set then you can easily apply at advertising companies. However, you may need animation skills along with video editing skills. The candidate should have a good knowledge of sound.

Post Production Company:

Video editors are needed by post Production Company where all the movies, music videos are developed. Post production is the final stage of making movies or videos. You have to be a very good video editor to get job in post-production company. It needs a lot of experience along with video editing skills to work in post-production company. Videographers with editing skills are the requirements for Post Production Company.

Television Industry:

Television companies also require video editors. If you have a knowledge of video editing along with broadcasting then your chances to get hired will increase. One should also have a good knowledge of camera too. There are many job categories under this such as documentary video editing jobs, television video editing jobs, news editing jobs, scripted T.V. video editing jobs, animators

Online jobs with digital and social media marketing:

Video editing jobs is also in demand for online business. Some of the E-commerce Companies are in need of someone who has an extensive knowledge in video editing. So that they can use their skills to create pro and after effects. They can earn amazing bonuses and great long term career. On the other hand, You Tube is a best platform where video editing is done often during educational and motivational videos and shed the footage files from 20 minutes to 10 minutes per say with sharp editing which is uploaded to earn revenue and market from the online industry. The social media marketing jobs require creating social media posts with ad art with images and videos. So video editors are in demand for Social media content jobs, Ad campaign jobs etc.

Event Management Jobs:

Wedding and other social events are looking for organizers and planners. One of their distinctive jobs is shooting the days whole event video. Though the length of video footage is shot extensively but to compile it requires an editor. To shoot the corporate video work also a video editor has to perform the process starting at production process. They get paid for the jobs if they are able to create a wonderful video documentary of social and organizational events on a special occasion.

Brand Promotion and Marketing:

Most of the Companies like FMCGs are looking for a way to promote the product brands of their companies. So they seek out for Promo video makers to grow their business and bring in new customers. Their promo videos require the dexterity of video editors who are able to make first few seconds count with eye catching videos with text and logos. So a crafty video editor will be able to use his tools and techniques to create a powerful video for the Companies which could help in brand promotions in the market to expand the market share and increase potential and new-customers to their product.

You can also work as a freelance video editor and earn a good sum of money with your video editing skills.

If you are looking to make a career in multimedia and want an academic degree in multimedia then you can find colleges offering bachelors degree in multimedia. There are both academic and professional film making courses as well. However, if you are searching for professional video editing skills then you can join our video editing training at IT Training Nepal.