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Web Design Competition

With an objective to establish a fun and take-the- challenge based learning in students, IT Training Nepal, at frequent intervals, organizes events and activities. Events are also helpful in building the team-spirit in individuals.

We organized an event of WEB DESIGN competition on 24th March 2014.  The event successfully resulted in supplementary knowledge and confidence about the given subject matter among the students.

The winning prize was Rs 10000 and the runner up prize was Rs 5000.

On the judgment panel were our instructors who are web design experts.

The overall competition was divided into two phases.

On the first phases, there was a task to create a template in Photoshop.  This was an individual task. The time allocated was 2 hours. Judgment was done on the basis of below-mentioned factors:

1.       Appearance

2.       Clarity

3.       Uniqueness

4.       Creativity

5.       Cleanliness

Students created fascinating designs with modern techniques in Photoshop and all the designs were outstanding. However, beating everyone in all the given factors, Anoj Pradhan was declared the winner of this phase.

The second phase was to create a static website through the technique of Slicing.

This was a team work with 4 groups of six students in each. The total number of students participating was 24. The total time given for this phase was 4 hours.

Students applied modern techniques of CSS3, HTML and Javascript to present a livelier view to their website. Effects of emerging techniques of CSS and attractive layout and were clearly visible in the outlook of the websites. All of the websites designed in the competition were able to captivate the viewers mind and attention.

For this, best performance was selected on the basis of factors below:

  1. Optimized and clean css codes
  2. Use of advanced css concepts
  3. Responsive layout

The winner of this competition was Mr. Om Gopal Chaudhary. The design created by him performed an outstanding user-interaction including features like browser compatibility and responsive layout.