Website And Blog For Small And Mid Size Organizations

How about creating your own website and blog without having technical knowledge?

It is seen in practice that almost all companies have their own websites but still, all of them are not being able to get returns from it. These days it is very easy to promote your business online using different techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay-per-click campaigns, etc. These are some of the cost-effective techniques used in promoting your products or services online.

IT Training Nepal provides special training to small and mid-sized organizations which helps to develop websites and blogs in simple easy steps, promote them online, track visitors, use social media marketing, and use pay-per-click campaigns.

Create your own website and blog

At first, you will learn to create the website of your choice in simple easy steps without any technical knowledge. Along with your website, you can also publish a blog. Write great articles on your blog which will help to generate traffic for your website.

Apply Search Engine Optimization techniques on your website

After your website is ready you will be given the guidelines that are to be followed for optimizing a website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. You will get change to apply SEO techniques on your own website during the training.

Use Social Media Marketing

We will also give you information regarding the social media marketing and the importance of it for online promotion of your website. We will use social media like facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube and others depending on the nature of your website.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

You can also try some cost effective solutions like pay per click campaigns to see whether you get good returns or not. If your conversion rate is high then it is worth using it. These days adsense and facebook ads are very popular.

Tracking Visitors

It is very necessary to track visitors coming to your website to see whether your online promotion strategy is working or not. You can use free tools to track visitors coming to your website which will help you to show the detailed information of visitors like their country, browser they are using, time they stayed on the website, visitors source like did they entered directly or from some search engine. If they got the website information from search engine then it will also show which keyword they used to locate the website. Hence, these types of tool can help you a lot in making decisions regarding the effectiveness of online promotion and paid advertisement campaigns.