Workshop and Training on Yii Framework Introduction and Development

As a part of the regular workshop aimed at providing knowledge on cutting edge technology, this Saturday August 2, 2014 IT Training Nepal organized an IT Workshop on web development in Yii Framework in Kathmandu at IT Training Nepal Seminar Hall.

There were 39 attendees altogether present in the workshop. The workshop was targeted to students with skillsets in MVC architecture. Candidates working in some other PHP MVC framework willing to switch their platform to Yii greatly benefitted from the workshop.

About the Technology:

Yii is an open source web application development framework that promotes rapid application development. It is developed using PHP5.

Objective of the Workshop:

  • Introduce participants to Yes, it is Framework(Yii).

About the Author:

Mr. Prasanna Jung Rana is a Java Developer working at Alucia Development Company. It has been for about 4 years he's working in PHP platform. He is well acquainted in using PHP frameworks like Yii and code igniter.

Main Agenda

Presenter started the workshop giving introduction on the need for a framework and benefits of using Yii framework.

The main agenda on Yii framework was

  • Introduction to Yii Framework
  • Yii features and compoents
  • Start Up a New application
  • CRUD Operation using Yii framework

Based on these concepts, trainer demonstrated participants concepts of authentication and authorization and created a web application login system.