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Workshop on 3D using After Effects

About the Technology:

Adobe After Effects is a software developed by Adobe Inc. It is popular tool for post production work where special effects can be applied in movies. After Effects has been very popular for giving special effects. Students can easily use the tool and predefined plugins and effects to apply effect easily. In this workshop the presenter has tried to show how we can apply the concept of 3D in text and images. This workshop was important for people who were trying to start a career in 3D.

Objective of the Workshop:

  • Introduce After Effects and its implementation area

About the Author:

Mr. Sushant Shrestha is doing graduation in Interior Designing. He has been using 3D tools like Maya, 3D Max, After Effects, AutoCAD. He also has an experience of working in post production at media house.

Main Agenda

Presenter started the workshop stating the use of After Effects and where it can be applied

The main agenda on Adobe After Effects are:

  • Introduction to After Effects
  • Application area of After Effects
  • Apply 3D feature in text and images

Based on the above mentioned agendas the trainer started with a project and developed a video after finalizing it. Students also learnt the importance of rendering in After Effects.