Are you a student trying to find internship in software companies and tired of not finding one?

Are you a software development company looking for skilled fresh graduates?

If yes then this is the right place for you to explore.

IT Training Nepal provides internship opportunity for students who wish to enter the professional software development industry. It produces a number of proficient manpower in various platforms in IT. ITN provides internship in PHP, ASP.NET, Java, and other programming fields.


IT Training provides internship to students on different modes which are listed below:

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Internship-IT Training NepalWith the Internship program we aim at producing qualified professional adept at working in a given platform with a concrete visualization of the qualitative techniques of overall software. The intern after successful completion of the program will have acquired necessary traits to work as professional like company culture, project assessment, team playing, continuous learning habit and other such skills required in practical field.

Internship is a vital phase that generates college and university students a broader exposure to the professional market. Students understand the difference between how things are taught in the class and how things work in the real software industry. They become ready to accept and face new challenges everyday.

In most of the computer programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, students are required to complete a software project at a certain point of time. These projects are normally developed in programming languages like Java, .NET, PHP as the front end and MySQL, MsSQL or Oracle as the backend. However, due to the lack of distinct supervision and accurate guidance, students fail to deliver the project on time with its functional and non-functional requirements. We believe that developing software is not enough. A proper software system is expected to have certain functional or non-functional qualities like: Easy User-Interface, Optimized code, Bug-free, Reliability and Well-documented code. Only an internship experience can build a thorough understanding of such qualities of software.


We follow a standard strategy of internship that equips students from start-to-end.

Internship Strategy-IT Training Nepal


Through our internship program we have been successful in fulfilling competent human resources in the market. The benefits of being involved in our internship programs are mentioned below:


Facilities for internship provided by IT Training Nepal are listed below:


Explore our students working in numerous projects on individual as well as group basis. Here they are enriched with the knowledge pool of IT Training Nepal. Be a part of our knowledge pool today.


Check out what our students have to say on the Internship provision of IT Training Nepal.


Special Requirement for Software Companies

If your company is in need of skilled manpower on various platforms or frameworks then IT Training Nepal can conduct a customized training on the basis of your requirement. We maintain a good record of providing skilled manpower for companies. We have supplied experts on frameworks like CI, Yii, larabel to various software industries. We have also fulfilled the demands of experts on platforms like Joomla, Wordpress and Magento to the software industries.

If you are willing to hire an intern from us, you can directly post your requirement via our website.

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