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Magento Designer Developer

Why to hire Magento Developers from us?

Hiring a good Magento developer can be a tough task. There are several reasons behind having difficulty to find a quality programmer in this area. One of the main reason is a programmer with in-depth knowledge on Magento Framework is less likely to be jobless. Secondly it is hard to find a PHP programmer who can work in coding levels of Magento because of the complexity of architecture and programming standards followed by Magento. Even if you find a developer who claims to have good programming concepts in Magento, skills assessment in that case can be quite challenging. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to find a right Magento programmer at a right time that can fulfill your requirements.

IT Training Nepal can assist you in permanent and temporary staffing for Magento Developers. We have been providing various levels of training in Magento. We provide training to students to use Magento Administration to develop ecommerce websites. We also provide advanced concepts like theming and customizing Magento modules. Students having good concepts of model view controller architecture normally prefer to learn customization. Therefore before enrolling students in the course, we check the skills, experience and knowledge of PHP programmers. The training is then conducted by highly skilled developers and programmers who are working as Magento experts in various software companies in Nepal.

We are successfully generating high level Magento programmers who are capable to work at a professional level in a software development company. Even after the training, we are often in touch with our student and experts. So if you are in search of good Magento programmers, you can always contact us.

Magento developers can hired depending upon the expertise required to complete various tasks.

Magento Website Developer

They are web developers who are capable of developing online shopping websites by working around Magento Administration. However, they may or may not be able to customize underlying HTML, CSS or PHP codes in the application.

Magento Theme developer

The developers in this category have a good experience of using Magento Administration. They should be able to integrate custom design or develop theme in Magento. 

Magento Programmer

They are highly experience developers with strong programming concepts. They are able to customize modules, develop custom modules, develop theme and other resolve other programming issues.

Our Magento Developers will have following qualification and expertise:

  • Graduate in Computer Science (3 or 4 years Bachelor Degree) or Masters Degree
  • Concept of OOPs and advanced PHP Technique
  • Concept of Zend Framework
  • Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle
  • Working knowledge of Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and other e-commerce applications
  • Experience of a software development company

If you want to hire a dedicated Magento developer please contact us. You may either just email your Name and Contact details with the subject of “Hire Magento Developers” to hiring@ittrainingnepal.com OR Call on +977-01-4240005 OR just leave your details in the short form above and submit.