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Areas of Training

Programming Courses

A number of programming languages and their popularity are growing in the modern software development field. Depending upon the functional and non-functional requirements of the software application which is to be developed, an appropriate computer course is specified. Learn more about the scope and advantages of various programming courses we offer at our institute.

Non Programming Courses

If you are seeking a career In IT, however do not have programming skills or an IT background, then you are at the right place to begin. The expertise team at IT Training Nepal offers you relevant guidance and advice to take the accurate decision and streamline your career. Choose among the various non-programming courses offered at our computer training institute.



Certification courses are recognized worldwide, therefore, candidates who wish to gain international recognition of their skills in the rapidly globalizing market can best utilize this course. IT companies like Microsoft, Oracle maintain a criteria of knowledge and skills to be acquired in order to gain their certification. Learn more about the available training on certification courses.


IT Training Nepal maintains a world-class quality services in corporate trainings. This is meant for corporate houses who need to train their employees to use professional software or hardware while implementation of latest devices and software in their respective organizations. Search through several computer courses under corporate training services at IT Training Nepal.


It is not just training, it is the practice followed by IT Training Nepal that makes it stand out from the crowd. We work with the vision to produce genuine and authentic IT- professionals to meet the demand of ever-thriving IT industry.
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IT Training Nepal is a platform that students can use to widen the horizon of their knowledge. Our training methodology provides an environment to grow. We want to develop human resource that can compete internationally. Shailendra Basnet

Training Methodology

Training Methodology IT Training follows a set of practices of tools and techniques for designing its course materials, generating appropriate learning environment and effectively training candidates. We are utterly motivated by the vision of building competent human resources by implementing a comprehensive and holistic approach of training.

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Training Strategy

  • Appoint students to the respective counselor and provide “customized counseling” on an individual basis. Each individual is suggested an appropriate computer training package.
  • Begin professional and job-oriented computer training session.
  • Provide reliable and consistent supervision throughout the project development period.
  • Monitor students’ performance, growth and progress.
  • Offer discrete career counseling to students with respect to national as well as international software market.
  • Provide internship for dedicated and promising candidates 

Recent Projects Done by Students