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R Programming

Are you in search of an institute that helps you in R Programming Training? Then, IT Training Nepal is your answer. ITN is ranked as one of the best solution providers in the field of IT. Come and join ITN for your R Programming training course here in Kathmandu.

Brief Overview of R Programming Course

R is a programming language and environment broadly used for data analysis and modeling due to its high flexibility in functional writing and coding of the statistics that fits with a variety of designs. It is quite similar to t S language and is often regarded to be a different execution of S. It is an open source software providing diverse statistical and graphic techniques and has an easy access at operating systems.

R is a simple yet effective and interpreted language for data manipulation and analysis as well as geographical display. It is gaining popularity over the years because of its solid collection of immediate tools and apparatuses incorporating conditionals, loops, input and output facility.

IT Training Nepal is recognized as the best institute that provides eminent training in R Programming course. ITN boasts of a well-equipped infrastructures and highly skilled trainers to maintain the standard of the training since its establishment. At the end of the R Programming Course, the apprentices will be competent in statistical programming language henceforth improving their overall academic and career outlook. This training extends the candidates job prospects in various fields like econometrics, social science and research, critical analysis etc.


  • Learn fundamentals on R programming.
  • Able to install and configure for effective data analysis.
  • Learn statistical computing.

Who can join R Programming?

Graduates or aspiring individuals who want to build a better career in fields like social science and research, resource management, data analysis, econometrics can join R Programming Course here at ITN.


Beforehand experience in some programming will be favorable.



R Programming

Joining ITN for R Programming Course has definitely helped me a lot in my professional field. I am working as a field researcher and the skills and knowledge that I have gained here at ITN is really commendable. There is no wrong in saying that ITN is the best computer institute for R Programming Course in Kathmandu.

Rating: 5
R Programming

I had heard about ITN quite a lot, so I decided to enroll for R Programming Course. And, the result has been very fruitful. I am proud to be a part of ITN. I would recommend everyone to once visit ITN. It is the best.

Rating: 5