Duration: 1 month

Javascript Jquery Training

If you are a beginner in JavScript and JQuery, then this course is the right one for you. Creating interactive web pages using JavaScript and JQuery is the prime goal of this training. 

Training sessions are classroom based and hands-on. JavaScript and JQuery training is normally a two-hour session. In the first hour instructor will deliver lectures and demonstrate the concepts and remaining 1 hour is allocated for practice session and class works. 

The course begins with the fundamental of JavaScript programming. Practical examples on implementing JavaScript like form validations, event calls on HTML elements are mainly demonstrated during the coursework. Student will learn to create animations in webpages using JQuery rotators and sliders. Along with providing skills to write program for your webpage, you will also learn to use various tools and technologies, frameworks related to JavaScript and JQuery. After the completion of this course students can make dynamic gallery, drop down menus, sliders, date picker, auto complete, tabbed navigation, pagination, html drag and drop.

After completing the course syllabus, we will assign you real time projects where you will start implementing the concepts you have acquired during the coursework.  This will measure your working knowledge in JavaScript and JQuery.  Additionally, this real time practice will progress your skills. Wherever necessary, the tutors will give you advice to intensify your concepts.

This course is available in different modes:

Fast Track Mode: In fast track mode, we will complete the course in the timeline demanded by the student. The course can be covered in few hours depending upon learners ability. 

Normal Mode: Normally, the course will take 15 hours. 


  • To customize web browsing experience according to your needs.
  • To learn to add pop-ups, develop apps, widgets, etc.
  • To learn to validate user inputs through HTML forms.
  • To learn to write program that triggers events on user inputs.


  • JavaScript and JQuery classes can be attended by web designers and developers who wants to learn form validation and slider integration.
  • JavaScript is a very essential technology for web development. It is used for client side validation in website and applications developed with PHP, ASP.NET and JSP. Thus, JavaScript is very important for web developers working in PHP, .NET and Java platform.


The concept of HTML and CSS is essential before attending JavaScript and JQuery course. For them who are not familiar with such courses, we provide a week classes to provide them knowledge on HTML and CSS before starting JavaScript JQuery course. Additionally, if you have a good programming experience it will be easier for you to understand the course. So, if you have little or no experience with programming, consider attending Programming Fundamental class earlier to this course, otherwise, it might be difficult for you to move along the pace of the class. 

Career Prospect

If you want to work as a developer or web designer then javascript jquery training will be a best choice for you. These days different javascript frameworks have been in use while developing front end like Angular, Ember, Backbone. Node.js is another javascript framework for server side scripting. Hence, knowledge of JavaScript and Jquery will add a lot of value in your career.

In this course, you will be provided the fundamental of JavaScript syntax as well as integrating JQuery libraries.

  • JavaScript Basics
  • Using JavaScript built in objects
  • Understanding JavaScript Document Object Model
  • Display a timer in JavaScript
  • Form Validation
  • Event handling in JavaScript
  • Cookies
  • Dynamic HTML
  • JavaScript Gallery
  • Understanding Jquery
  • Writing Jquery programs
  • Using commonly used Jquery functions
  • Creating a simple image gallery using Jquery
  • Customizing Jquery Gallery
  • Embedding Jquery gallery, date picker, slider, auto complete, accordion, tags and so on.

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