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Do you want to be an expert in Hadoop programming? Are you worrying to get enrolled for the Hadoop training course in Kathmandu? Then ITN is the right solution for you. Come join ITN for the best GIS training course in Nepal.

An Overview of Hadoop and Its Training Methodology at It Training Nepal

Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that permits large data processing using a simple model of programming, set across clusters of computers in a distributed computing environment wherein the nodes in the file system transfer rapidly and operate without any interruption even if the nodes become inoperative hence lowering the risk of disastrous failure in the system.

It is gaining high interest with the vast leap in Information & Technology as all the structured and unstructured data from multiple sources can be stored all at a time. Big names like Google and Yahoo have opted to use the Hadoop mainly for advertising and search engine applications. As the business world, today generates gigantic data volume with e-commerce and e-governance, social media usages, Hadoop is on the rise because of the design that scales single servers to numerous machines storing thousands of servers, with storage and local computation of each.

Hadoop has been a reliable solution to the need to handle a large amount of data in an efficient and effective way and in a quick manner for various businesses and enterprises. Professionals in their respective regions are the prime need of today's modern world. Likewise, keeping in mind the significance of this, ITN has started Hadoop training because of its alluring demand as the data enthusiasts have a great scope and future in terms of the Hadoop project ecosystem.

The Hadoop training course teaches students the comprehensive ideas of the Hadoop file system and storage management. Students will be able to grasp the idea of creating and managing a Hadoop cluster. Candidates who want to master in Hadoop administrating will find this fruitful. At the end of the whole course, the students will be able to apply concepts required in commencing Hadoop, all the aspects of configuration, installation, and load balancing along with diagnosing and solving the problems that arise.

Apache Hadoop framework consists of the following modules:

  1. Hadoop Common: Contains common utilities and libraries that other Hadoop modules require
  2. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS): a distributed file system allowing access to application data across the cluster
  3. Hadoop YARN: a resource-management framework accountable for organizing compute resources in clusters and using them for job rescheduling
  4. Hadoop MapReduce: a YARN-based programming model for processing data of large scale


  • Basic Fundamentals of Hadoop and Hadoop Resource Management
  • Understanding Cluster, its setup and maintenance, monitoring, and cluster troubleshooting
  • Figure out backup and recovery
  • Adept in a huge amount of data storage and its processing and knowledge of computing nodes
  • In-depth knowledge of HBase
  • Prepare individuals to become Hadoop experts working as data architecture, processor


This course is best suited for candidates who have basic Linux experience. IT managers and systems administrators can take this training for their prospective career growth. Prior understanding of Apache Hadoop is not needed yet it would definitely be a plus point.

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