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Advanced PHP Training

Searching for Advanced PHP Training in Kathmandu? - Come join us and get the highest quality of advanced PHP training taught by experts. 

If you are facing difficulty to understand or write code in applications developed in MVC architecture, then Advanced PHP course is the right one for you. We have designed the Advanced PHP Training course for students to develop necessary skills to work as an expert programmers. We teach advanced programming techniques, database architecture and concept of various design patterns which will be helpful to develop complex, scalable and secured applications.

"PHP Training Package" includes all the below mentioned courses:

Why Advanced PHP Training in our institute?

Our course syllabus is generic, highly-optimized and industry standards that would enable programmers to work in the highest standards. Be it a framework, or open source web CMS or custom application, acquiring the knowledge we offer in our Advanced PHP course one should be able to work independently. Meanwhile, we constantly explore advanced techniques and upon finding new and emerging practices we incorporate them in our syllabus. So you can be highly assured to get the best advanced PHP course in Kathmandu that help you become a professional developer. Along with the strong course syllabus, the trainers provided by the our computer institute for advanced PHP course will have several years of experience in the related field.

What does Advanced PHP Course include?

Though you have concepts in writing programs as well as you can develop web applications and website, however, you might find it difficult to understand code written by senior programmers. You might have felt lost upon seeing the code and program structures of several open source application developed in MVC architecture like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and others. 

In this course, you will learn standard way of writing codes for database connection, writing securing and optimized code. Because of popularity of new framework that develop timely, the charm in that framework becomes high. Thus based on learners requirement we update the framework taught in this course. However, if there are specific requirements of students, we can customize the course syllabus accordingly. 

How is Advanced PHP course conducted?

The advanced PHP course in this institute is instructor-led classroom based training. Practical lectures with demonstration are provided to ensure that you get a solid grasp of concepts. Working standards of software development company are discussed in class.


You may join this course to:

  • Learn to work in framework like Laravel, Yii, Code Igniter, Zend, etc.
  • Learn to create your custom MVC framework.
  • Learn to write optimized and clean code.
  • To develop the ability to understand coding written by advanced programmer.
  • To develop complex application.

Who can join Advanced PHP Training?

  • Programmers who has been developing web application in procedural way can join this course to take their skills to a higher level.
  • Programmers who wants to work in open source frameworks like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, opencart, etc. can join Advanced PHP course training so that it helps them to understand architecture of those kinds of frameworks.

Prerequisites: Students who want to attend Advanced PHP course classes should be able to write code in a procedural manner. Furthermore, they should have the knowledge of object-oriented programming.  Students should have the experience of developing websites and web applications. They should understand software specification while developing an application  However, if you don't have a prior knowledge and if you have any questions related to this course, you can consult our experts before joining the course


Module 1: Concept of Graphics using GD library

  • Creating Graphs
  • Image re-sizing, Adding watermarks to image, add text to image

Module 2: Advanced Concepts of Form Handling

  • Adding Captcha to Form Submission
  • How to perform Server Side Validation

Module 3: Advanced Emailing Concepts

  • Attaching Files like text files to Email Messages
  • Attaching Graphics and images to Email Messages
  • Generating Message Bodies & Adding Custom Headers
  • Concept of Task Scheduler in Windows and Running Cron Job
  • Creating Newsletter and Sending Emails with batch processing

Module 4: Advanced File Handling

  • Concept of HTML Parsing and Screen Scraping
  • Importing and Exporting Comma Seperated Value file
  • Reading and Writing to CSV File
  • Reading and Writing from Text file
  • Creating a PDF File
  • Appending Content to PDF File
  • Creating a Zip file 
  • XML File Handling
  • JSON Data Handling

Module 5: Advanced Architectural Issues

  • Concept of multi-level Category
  • Parent Child Concepts 
  • Database Nomalization Techniques and guidelines
  • Dynamic Execution of SQL DDL Queries
  • Writing programs in modular way

Module 6: Security Issues

  • Password Protecting a Website Directory
  • How to rewrite URL using HTAccess file
  • Advanced Encryption Techniques
  • Concept of SQL injection
  • Password Hashing
  • Securing Web Forms (Captcha Concepts)
  • URL Encryption and Decryption
  • Hiding PHP
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • File System Security
  • Application Server Security
  • Securing User Submitted Data
  • Security Guidelines Checklist
  • Tools and techniques and web development

Module 7: Writing Generic Functions

  • Performing Generic Insertion
  • Writing Select Statement in Generic way
  • Writing Update Query in Generic way
  • Performing Generic Deleting

Module 8: Custom Framework Development

  • Creating libraries for Queries
  • Creating HTML libraries
  • Creating helper files
  • Creating includes

Module 9: Best Practices and Techniques

  • Error Handling
  • Best Debugging Practices
  • Code management
  • Code style
  • Documentation

Module 10: Design Patterns

  • Concepts of Design Patterns
  • The Factory Pattern
  • The Abstract Factory Pattern
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Model View Controller

Module 11: MySQL Improved

  • mysqli() Overview
  • mysqli Methods and Properties
  • Inserting and Updating Records
  • mysqli Prepared Statements

Students who do best after the completion of course can qualify for a job very easily in software companies. Most of the software companies in Nepal uses open source software like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Opencart to accomplish the projects. Hence, advanced PHP training is required to understand the architecture of open source software.


Advanced PHP Training
Arjun Panthi on

I joined IT Training Nepal because it offered competitive job oriented training. I did research before joining and found exactly what I needed to improve on. I discussed my objectives with the instructors and they offered me customized training. I can now develop complex and secured application and have gained valuable knowledge about architecture of frameworks. 

Rating: 5
Advanced PHP Training
Puja Thapa on

I joined as a trainee and was assigned to the projects under the supervision of senior developers. I developed understanding of object oriented principles and later joined Advanced PHP training which really helped me in my career growth. The friendly environment, the dedicated learning environment and exposure of real time work have made mature to work as a Team Leader ; I owe a lot to you guys!!

Rating: 5

Students of IT Training Nepal who have completed basic course and want to join this advanced course will get 50% flat discount.