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Whether you are a business organization or an educational institution, a website is required to represent the organization. These days universities, colleges, schools, training institutes and every types educational institution have their own websites. A website is important in many ways. A website creates a professional image of the institution, it gives information like address, hours of operations and various other information.

A college website should provide basic information like program details, course syllabus, faculty information, admission procedures, academic profile and history and basic features like contact us page, news and event listings, image gallery, newsletter signup, etc.

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College template

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Suman Thoker, a web designing student at IT Training Nepal, created this template during his practice session at IT Training Nepal. This is a template with a simple design with navigation menu placed horizontally on the top. The main attraction of the design is the slide show in the center. The homepage has a short introduction of the college, message from the director of the college and few other content. The footer section has contact information and social integration. This is a two column template with content displayed in the left section.

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