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Are you searching for a computer institute for MEAN Stack training in Kathmandu? If yes, IT Training Nepal is here for you.

MEAN Stack training helps in building a solid foundation for developing complex web applications. Generally, building web applications is a hefty task with lots of hassles that necessitates database manipulation, server side operation, client side operation along with various tools and technologies. MEAN Stack is one of the newest tools for web development with JavaScript-based technologies including both the client and server sides which automatically make it easy for the developers. MEAN Stack uses a uniform language and is comprised of the four components namely;

  • MongoDB: MongoDB operates as the database of the application and stores data.
  •  Express: Express offers robust features to the web application.
  • AngularJS: Angular permits your application to contain an expanded HTML library.
  •  Node.js: Node framework helps in server-side code scripting and assembling scalable and maintainable network applications

ITN has been proving itself to be the best of the institutes for MEAN Stack course in Nepal. Mean Stack course has been able to gather much interest lately because it uses a uniform language that makes debugging and database administration easier and it will be simple for the client side server to understand the database queries of the server side. As per the demand of the instant data and applications delivery of the websites, at the end of the course, students will be capable of carrying out this task effortlessly and in a speedy manner.


  • Basic understanding of the MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js synergy
  • Install and work with MongoDB and Node.js
  • To be able to develop single page applications with AngularJS
  • Able to develop mobile and web applications in a quick and easy manner based on JavaScript technologies
  • To be able to collaborate with front-end and back-end developers
  • To ensure candidates of the skills needed to be a stack developer

Who can join MEAN STACK Course?

Anyone who wants to build a career in database administration, web development, mobile applications, and software development can join this training course. Also, individuals who want to garner more skills and knowledge on JavaScript programming can join this course.            


Candidates should be well acquainted with web development as well as have a thorough knowledge on JavaScript, HTML and CSS.



IT Training Nepal

I enrolled for the MEAN Stack course at ITN and am much satisfied with the overall training provided. I can assure you that ITN is the topnotch computer institute for MEAN Stack training course in Kathmandu. Thank you ITN.

24 Jun, 2016
5 / 5  stars

IT Training Nepal

The knowledge and skills that I have acquired through the extensive training here at ITN has made a positive impact in my career path. ITN is really the right place for MEAN Stack training in Nepal.

24 Jun, 2016
5 / 5  stars