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Bridge Course in IT for plus two students

The world of Computer Science/ Information Technology has become much competitive since last decade. The number of students studying Computer Science and Information Technology has been growing rapidly, along with the courses related to these fields getting vast year by year.

 Listening to the personal experience of the students of the respective field, it is understood that to start studies in Computer Science/ Information Technology without a prior grasp over basic computing and programming skills make them difficult to compete in the real scenario (college).

In addition to that, often a number of high school graduates remain perplexed and get in to a dilemma of what to take as a major for their undergraduate studies in the field of computing. Even if some of them want to take up Computer Science/ Information Technology as a major for their undergraduate studies, they are unaware of the fact whether they are actually zealous about it or not. This uncertainty in the decision will not just hamper the student at present but also in their long run towards a successful career.

Well then, this is where our course can guide you through. Taking our bridge course will not only clear the doubts you have, regarding what computing major to take for undergraduates. But, it will also provide an auspicious opportunity to know if you are a Computer Science/ Information Technology enthusiast or not. Along with this, our course will be covering the 30 to 40 percentage of the course that you will be studying in the Bachelor’s Degree. Gaining knowledge about the computing courses will not just help you to excel in your bachelor’s studies but also make you an eligible candidate for the competition.

In our course, we will be instructing our students all the way from the basics of computer programming. A famous computer programming language “C” will be taught in order to make the students grab the basic of programming knowledge. Various programming elements like Data TypesConditional Statements,Loops and IterationFunctions and so will be taught as in to make the students familiar with computer programming. After this, students will be provided with some basic skills on Object Oriented Programming (OOP). For this, another programming language “C++” has been put in the course. Gaining knowledge about OOP will let students get some knowledge about the development of software. Along with these skills, at the final stage of the course, we will be teaching one of the highly rated programming languages “JAVA” to the students. In JAVA students will be implementing the ideas of OOP which they have known from C++. Moreover, students will also be guided to build a basic software using SWING in JAVA.

Thus, this is a promising opportunity for the students who want to build a base for as well as up skill their computing and programming knowledge.


Our institution provides a foundation course related to computer and IT studies. The courses are delivered to the students by the experienced and skilled tutors with close monitoring to each and every student. The main purpose of providing bridge course by our institution is to help the high school graduates decide if the IT/Computer Science program is for them or not. Taking up this course can prove to be a key turning point for the students to judge what their interests are on. After getting acquainted with the IT/Computer Science course, the students will be able to find out whether it is the best fit for them in any case. Moreover, students who are resolute about pursuing IT/Computer Science for their studies and career can study this course to nurture their computer skills. However, after getting familiar with this particular course, if a student finds IT/Computer Science field as a no match for themselves they can be sure to chase any other programs of their interest. But in case, a student finds this course captivating then they can be sure to continue their studies in this field.

Who can join Bridge Course in IT for plus two students?

This particular course has been developed for the students, who have completed their high school (+ 2 levels) and now want to pursue a computing major like Bachelor’s in Information Technology (BIT), Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering (B.E. Computer), Bachelor’s in Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor’s in Information Management (BIM), Bachelor’s in Software Engineering (B.E. Software), Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology (BSc.CSIT), Bachelor’s in Information Systems (BIS), Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems (BCIS) and some other similar degrees.

Apart from this, students interested in Information Technology and Computer programming also find this course much worthy to join during their free time after the completion of their high school.