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Class Schedule

IT Training Nepal has a broad range of inflow of new students and outflow of skilled and proficient students every month. To provide flexibility in timing to the students, we provide a wide range of timing from 6 am in the morning till 8 pm in the evening. We understand the value of your time and try our best to be as flexible as possible.

Displayed in this section are the ongoing and upcoming classes at IT Training Nepal according to their category.

Check the available seats of your choice of upcoming class and reserve your seats now. Gain skills on your choice of IT subject without any delay.

For students who want to join an already-running session and are confident to catch up the missed lessons; are also welcomed to join. You will be given adequate guidance from our instructors to catch up with the other members.

For students who already have a group of more than four: You can get more flexibility by fixing the time for the class that is best suitable for you. 

Often it happens students leave the session in the middle due to their personal reasons. On such circumstance, students who wish to resume their incomplete training, IT Training Nepal requests to join one of the ongoing sessions. Check this page on a regular basis for the next preferable timing or directly talk to the administration department of IT Training Nepal to arrange a suitable time.

Individuals who do not fit in any of the category listed above can contact the IT Training Nepal directly with their respective queries any time during the office hours. Please feel free to post a query online through our website. 

Class Schedule

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