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Code Igniter Training

Code Igniter is a light weight PHP Framework based on MVC architecture that would enable quick web application development. Code Igniter has a collection of pre-defined libraries that would help to create necessary functions without the need for coding from scratch. Huge web applications can be developed rapidly using Code Igniter. Software Development company usually implements a development standard while creating application. If a programmer codes his own way in one application, while the other programmer codes in the different way, a programming standard is not maitained. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the consistency in programming. Thus, code igniter are implemented by several companies while developing web-based applications.

Model View Controller is an architecture that separates the programming paradigm into three tiers. Model contains the coding that operates with the database, controller works on the application and business logic of the system while view is responsible for presenting the information. Thus MVC separate coding into 3 tiers. Learning CI would enable developers in a team to separate their individual programming parts. Designer can work in the view, database developer can work on the model and core PHP programmer can work on controller. This would enable to carry the development process in parallel.


  • CI has a simple implementation of MVC architecture. Therefore CI is an easy way for PHP programmers to learn about MVC architecture.
  • Most of the open source CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Magento are developed in MVC patterns. Learning code igniter would provide students the concept of model view controller architecture which would make it easier for them understand the coding structure of open source CMS.
  • CI uses MVC architecture, therefore, CI framework training enables faster application development.

Who can join Code Igniter Training?

  • PHP Programmers who has the concept of object oriented programming but does not have understanding of MVC architecture can learn codeigniter to develop MVC concepts.
  • Developers who wants to work on web application without writing standard libraries to perform regular programming jobs.

Prerequisites: To learn codeigniter one must have the detailed knowledge of PHP programming and object oriented programming concepts.


Module 1: Basic Code Igniter Syllabus

  • What is PHP framework and how code igniter is different from others ( cakephp , symfony , zend ) ?
  • What is MVC design pattern ?
  • Code Igniter Code Architecture
  • Installation and configuration.
  • URI Routing to custom URL
  • How Model , Views , Controller works?
  • Creating the Custom Library , Helper function
  • How to use core template library for the template engine.
  • Error Handling
  • CodeIgniter Sessions
  • Acknowledgement with the core helper function and libraries.
  • Security.
  • Caching.
  • Autoloading resources.

Project work

After the completion of Code Igniter training students will be able to develop application using MVC patterns. Students will be assigned a project work where they have to develop a custom web application using Code Igniter framework.

Code Igniter Developer

This course is best suited for a candidate seeking a career in IT Companies as a PHP developer who develops web applications using MVC patterns. There is a great scope for candidates having knowledge of Code Igniter. Web Development companies prefer MVC patterns over plain PHP. The Code Igniter training adds a great value to a PHP developer.


Code Igniter Training

I have been working as PHP programmer for 6 months now and wanted to upgrade my knowledge in MVC. After completing training from IT Training Nepal,I can confidently commit codes and develop application in efficient way.

Rating: 5
Code Igniter Training

I am glad to have joined Code Igniter training at IT Training Nepal. I got so much as a student in terms of knowledge and skills. I can’t thank them enough.

Rating: 5
Code Igniter Training

IT Training Nepal not only provided me a better training on codeigniter framework but also enrolled me into various projects that exceptionally increased my practice and now I can proudly say I can develop better dynamic websites without having to write standard libraries for repetitive programming job. 

Rating: 5
Code Igniter Training

.It was very time consuming to search online tutorials for codeigniter and learn by myself.  Later I decided to join a professional computer training center to learn codeigniter. I found ITTN where I joined CI course. The support and the quality training that I achieved here helped me to get along and successfully complete my project. Now I can build dynamic web sites using codeigniter. 

Rating: 5

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