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Computer Fundamental Training

Computer fundamental course is intended for students who are from non IT background. This course gives full insight regarding the knowledge of the computer. The course provides knowledge on how a computer works, roles of different hardware devices, resource management and how to manage resources while using computers and what makes computer fast etc.

This course is suitable those people who want to develop fundamental understanding of computer, its working and the components associated with computer. With this training, trainees will develop understanding of how computer works, what’s the use of a particular component and how to efficiently manage resources and optimize configuration.

Computer Fundamental course includes hardware and software training, knowledge about CPU, hierarchy of memory, different Input and Output devices, software installation, basic office package such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others. Since, we are living in the technological world where computer is widely and most commonly used everywhere be it at home, office, schools and other places for different purposes computer training and knowledge is essential.



  • To develop fundamental understanding of computer and IT technology
  • To be able to use different features of computer like operating computer, using administrative tools, using multimedia,creating files, folders etc.
  • To develop proficiency in using keyboard, mouse etc.
  • To be able to diagnose and troubleshoot software and hardware problems
  • To develop knowledge of using internet and integrating hardware components of networks.
  • To develop knowledge of various hardware components used in computer like printers, scanners etc.

Who can join Computer Fundamental Training?

Since, Computer are essentially used everywhere, individuals having knowledge in using computer and its application will have better efficiency and accuracy in their works. So this training is recommended for those individuals that need to work with computer frequently especially logistic and administrative staffs, students, managerial staffs, consultants. However, if they have already taken some kind of training, they are recommended for advanced courses in MS Office, MS Excel or MS Access.

If you use computer often and trying to understand how computer works or are in field of business that deal with computer then this course is best suited for you.


There are no prerequisites for this training, we will start from very beginning, so if you don't have any knowledge, you might just become an expert in Computer with this Computer Fundamental training.


Module 1: Computer Fundamental Training Syllabus

  • Application of Computer
  • Hardware
  • Hardware Components
  • Factors affecting the speed of a computer
  • Software
  • System software and its role
  • Application software
  • Utility software and Viruses
  • Processor (CPU)
  • Processor parts
  • Processor speed
  • Comparision of core i3, i5, i7 processor
  • Hierarchy of Memory
  • Random Access Memory
  • Read Only Memory
  • Cache
  • Hard Disk
  • Super Disk
  • Virtual Memory
  • Input Devices
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Scanners
  • Joystick
  • Light Pen etc
  • Output Devices
  • CRT, LCD, LED monitors
  • Things to consider before purchasing a monitor
  • Comparision of printers
  • Things to consider before purchasing a printer
  • Software Installation
  • Installing Operating System
  • Installing Application software
  • Internet and Email
  • Computer Networking
  • Network Services
  • LAN
  • MAN
  • WAN
  • Network Security

This Computer Fundamental training course will not alone guarantee any jobs, however it’s a great asset to have along with other specific qualification.  Executives and secretarial staffs often need the knowledge of computer and its operation. So, this training is very beneficial for such people as well as aspiring candidates entering in such jobs. Also, retail business of computer itself is an industry, so sales persons and marketing people are highly recommended for this training.


Computer Fundamental Training

It was a great start to build up my interest In IT by learning about the basic computer and graphic designing. By getting the knowledge of basic fundamentals and designing i have made my holidays very productive.

Rating: 5
Computer Fundamental Training

I just finished my SLC exams and taking a course of basic computer in ITN, I am extremely satisfied with the knowledge and support I gained. I will look forward for web designing courses in the coming years here in IT Training Nepal.

Rating: 5