Computer Training

Computer training or IT Training is a broad term that is applicable to all kinds of training related to computers. People use this term to emphasize the training that would develop necessary skills to do specific tasks in computer.

In this generation of Information Technology, the use of computer is necessary in almost every field for various purposes and the work done without the use of computer is either slow or inaccurate or both. Using computer can make your work faster, reliable, accurate and more efficient. But is it knowledge of computer that makes your work faster or knowledge of using computer professionally. For instance, you may use computer to prepare reports but if you don’t know various word processing functionality it may take days to prepare a report. So using computer professionally is a different thing than simply knowing how to use computer. Every day with the advancement in technology there are new software and tools introduced. There are frequent updates with newer version of the existing software and we need to be updated and prepared with all the developments. Therefore, the importance of computer training in our day to day life cannot be overlooked as it can increases our productivity in the workplace. There are various courses in computer to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Computer engineering graduates, computer science graduates, or graduates from other IT background normally join programming courses like ASP.NET, PHP and Java to develop their software development skills that would be necessary in Software Development Company. Computer fundamental courses training in C and C++ are popular choices among student completing their post-secondary schools. It helps them to build a strong foundation in programming prior to joining some undergraduate degree in computer. Along with the foundation courses, computer training on web designing, graphic designing and accounting packages are also among the popular courses students seek to learn after completing their school. Computer certification courses training are preferred choices for people from Non IT background who wants to switch their current profession and seek to build their career in field of IT. Computer training are also acquired by employees in government and non-government organization, NGO and INGO’s, corporate and business houses to develop their skills required to perform day to day activities and operations faster and efficiently.

Though students develop good theoretical background, but their practical skills are very limited. The reason is that there are usually few specific professional graduate classes during their academic courses. Consequently student prefers to join computer training at computer institutes and learning center to improve their programming skills. Computer training on programming courses delivers knowledge to design and implement new software applications. The professional training program would equip them with knowledge and skills to hold professional position after the completion of their graduate degree.

Students are enrolled in different computer courses at their training depending upon their interest, scope, applicability, etc. PHP and ASP.NET are popular programming courses chosen by IT Graduates who wish to work in the area of web development. Java training is usually preferred by students who want to develop desktop based software application. Mobile Application Development is an emerging technology in todays’ generations so large pools of students are also attracted towards learning Android Application Development and IPhone Application development. Having a good practical knowledge in the above mentioned programming courses would make their life easier at the workplace.

Computer Training has been another choice among students completing their secondary level of education. In Nepal, there are three to four months’ vacation in-between school leaving certificate to secondary level and secondary level to undergraduate level. Students take this opportunity and enroll in one of the computer courses at a nearby computer training center. There is a trend among students to join web designing and graphic designing courses after completing their school leaving certificate program (SLC). Students majoring with science at +2 levels prefer to join C/C++ training to gain programming concepts that would benefit them in academic courses at undergraduate levels. Students with accounting as a major find advantageous to learn accounting packages such as tally.

Improving computing skills is not only important to people from core IT background. Sometime people from Non-IT background whose full time work is not related to computer may require some computing skills to perform day to day operations in computer. The computer training requirements in these cases depends upon the nature of profession. If a person wants to join a job as a system librarian he/she may have to take computer training related to server administration. If you are joining a job as an administrative officer at some financial company, then Microsoft Office Package may be helpful to handle computer administration job. Auditors and chartered accountant acquire the knowledge to use Microsoft Excel, Statistical Tools like SPSS and database tools like MS Access.

Students graduating with a computer degree can easily pursue career in IT. What about the people who are not graduated with a computer degree? Short term Computer training and computer certification programs are the ones that would assist you in pursuing their career paths in the field of Information Technology. If you want to develop their career as Networking and Server Professional, Database Professional, Application Programmer, Support Professional and Web Designing Professional you can join the related computer certification courses. There are various certification courses to fulfill the requirement of various roles as an IT professional. You can refer to the table below to see what certification courses are applicable according to the job role.

IT Careers Courses
Certifications Networking Professional CompTIA Network+, CCNA, CCNP
Database Professional Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Certified Professional
Web Design Adobe ACE Certification
Server Professional MCSA Certification Server 2016
Support Professional MCSA Windows certification

By taking any of the courses mentioned above either from the IT or from Non-IT, you can equally compete to the rest of the world and secure your bright future. You can be part of any professional software company or start a new one by your own.

Hence, computer training is always one of the aspects which can boost up your personal life, increase the productivity of your organization. It will also contribute to the development of the country by increasing the IT skills and awareness among people.