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In developing country like Nepal, many people are still facing difficulty to access the basic needs of life: food, clothes, shelter and education. There are many government and non-government organizations, NGO’S and INGO’s that are lending their support in these regard. IT Training Nepal feels obligated towards the development of the nation and humanity as a whole. We believe that our small effort can make a significant impact on people’s life.

In this 21st century where technological advancement has reached the peak, people in Nepal are still far away to get the knowledge of basic technology like computer, internet and other communication medium. This lack of knowledge has deprived them from many benefits that could have made their life easier.

Social Responsibility

IT Education is at the heart of our concerns. Our responsibilities are to literate the people with computer education. So it’s not only training people who comes to us, but going in their middle and educating them on computers and its applications so that they understand the technological advancements. IT Training Nepal is working on its CSR vision to promote technology awareness and empower the unprivileged society by organizing various events like seminars, workshops, etc. Through the free seminars conducted at rural areas we get the opportunity to know interest, need and problems of the people. In many cases, it in turn helps us to formulate courses that people aspire to learn. We also conduct free workshops, at frequent intervals, in colleges to make students aware on the cutting-edge technologies. We support education programs and fairs - especially IT education programs fairs - by donating money, time and resources.

Supporting Needy Students for Education

We are happy to share you that we have been supporting diligent, needy and disabled students through our scholarship programs. After the training we even help them to find job in the area they have been trained. In some cases, we promote their confidence by giving them the opportunity to teach the beginners. It helps to nourish the skills they have learned. At the same time, it provides us an opportunity to judge the overall effectiveness of our training programs. Moreover, we have been sharing our hands to support the initiative of several organizations in promoting IT education.

Environment Support

We use technologies that help us to make very little use of environment resources. We follow green building standards and have maintained a paper-less office.

We can make a stride forward together to help people and society. Our experience tells us that the effort we put for CSR will help us understand the need of the society. Need is only the way to sustain, build and enlarge the things you have been doing.

Your company can become a support to this initiation, and we would be happy to explore various ways we can work together. Please contact us at + 977-01-4240005 or write to us at [email protected] to get connected to work together for development of the IT community.

Srijan Shah
Director of ITN