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Digital Marketing Training in Nepal

Want to excel in the field of digital media? Are you searching for the right place to guide you on this? Visit ITN, for the Digital Marketing Course, the number one IT service provider in town.

Overview of Digital Marketing course and training methodology at IT Training Nepal

Digital marketing, often referred as online marketing has been making quite a mark since its development. As per the need and the tremendous growth in the scope of digital marketing, business corporations are making a leap towards online platforms from the conventional approach. Thus, it is a quite essential to be familiar with the fundamentals of the digital marketing. It helps professionals to be up-to-date with the relevance of the modern market practices seen in social and digital media. Human has to evolve and update as per the changing time and situation. The future of business and marketing today is, indisputably, digital. Business enterprises will achieve heights of success if they are able to input digital marketing with constructive marketing policies.

Since its very beginning, ITN has been on a mission to impart the best of the best through exclusive trainings and making their students competent enough. Digital Marketing course focuses on interdisciplinary approach enabling the students to visually and technologically connect to the real world of the digital marketing scenario. With the extensive trainings and lesson planning on Digital Marketing Course at ITN, it will help students to emphasize on the market value and demand on the practice of digital marketing to achieve intended targets. Furthermore, it will also enhance students’ ability to outline the strategies in the web marketing from reaching more customers to accuracy in message delivery to dragging more traffic to their website. It is no doubt that business enterprises look out to those who are influential in marketing world with regard to social networks and design, mobile devices; hence, this course will be effective to candidates with potential in this field. ITN is the right place to choose for shaping your foundation and making a growth in Digital Marketing Course in Nepal.

Brief Syllabus of Digital Marketing

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Micro blogging
  • Copy writing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Podcasting


  • Foundation to online web marketing and understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing in the present context.
  • Get acquainted with strategic and integrated marketing and functions of marketing research.
  • To be able to set up an influential business on social media.
  • Gain experience in messaging and analytical tools.
  • Able to utilize digital channels to reach out to a large number of clients increasing visibility.

Who can join Digital Marketing Training in Nepal?

Aspiring individuals who want to build a remarkable name in career fields like social media and digital marketing, web marketing, electronic customer management, search engine and optimization, electronic advertising can join for this course. We also train enterprisers who want to be competent and be on the top with the rapid growth of digital and social media marketing.


There are no any requirements for Digital Marketing training. Anyone aspiring to get acknowledged and well informed in the digital marketing world and wanting to build a career can apply and join for this course.


Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

In this module you will study the fundamental concepts related to Digital Marketing and its importance. This module will help you to identify the key strengths of Digital Marketing in comparison to traditional marketing. We will also discuss the latest digital marketing trends.

Digital Marketing

Module 2: Website designing with WordPress

In this module you will study how to install WordPress and how to use it. This module will introduce you the adminitration part of WordPress where you will learn how to completely develop a website from scratch using WordPress. You will also study installing plugins in WordPress in order to extend the features as per your requirement. We will teach you how to optimize your website in terms of SEO with the help of WordPress CMS.

WordPress CMS

Module 3: Introduction to Search Engines

The objective of this module is to give you information regarding the algorithm that search engine like Google use. Latest changes make in Google search engine. It is also necessary to understand how Search Engine works and how search results are displayed. Introduction to Search Engine

Module 4: Keyword Research and Competition

Keyword is one of the important factor which helps your website to perform better in search engine result page. It is very necessary to understand how to identify important keywords for your website or service. Doing comparitive analysis and finding alternative keywords which will help your website to perform better. In this module you will also study Google keyword planner tool which will help to understand the popularity of a keyword.

keyword research and competition

Module 5: Onpage optimization

One of the major ranking factor in search engine is the website itself. In order to perform better in search engine like Google your website should follow all the standard procedures of developing it and placing content, image etc. This module will help you to identify the weak parts of the website and optimize it for both search engine and visitors. Different tools are also available in the market which can simplify the onpage optimization process. One of the tool recommended by Google is Google Webmasters tool.

onpage optimization

Module 6: OffPage Optimization

We can work on the website optimization process not only from within the website. The optimization process can be offpage as well. Offpage optimization will help you to increase the importance of the website from external sources like linking website or a specific webpage to related websites, writing blogs and so on.

offpage optimization

Module 7: Local SEO

Google promotes business or services that are available local. While searching for a particular service or product, we get search results from organizations within the country we are searching in. This means that the presence of our company within the country should be prominent so that Google can easily identify or index our website for local product or service. This will increase the chances of listing our organization in Google search result. One of the recommendation from Google is Google Map. You must enlist your organization information within the Google Map.

local SEO

Module 8: Google Penalty Process

This module will help you to understand the risk associated with Black Hat SEO and the penalty that a website has to bear because of wrong SEO practice. One should be alert and very knowledgeable while implementing SEO. Your website can be completely removed from the search engine because of the penalty. Moreover you will also study how to recover from different penalty imposed by Google in this module.

Google Penalty

Module 9: SEO reporting

In this module you will be taught how to analyze your SEO reports and act accordingly. Understanding SEO results and taking corrective measures is also one of the key role of digital marketing.

SEO reporting

Module 10: YouTube Marketing Fundamentals

YouTube has been one of the important tool for marketing your product or service online. It can be both paid and unpaid. Moreover video has been a very good asset in promoting your business. The use of video sharing has increased a lot since few years. Hence, it is important to understand the importance of YouTube as a social media marketing tool.

youtube marketing fundamental

Module 11: YouTube Marketing Advance

In this module we will introduce you with some of the advanced topics related to YouTube.

youtube social media

Module 12: Introduction to Social Media Marketing

This module will give you information regarding the importance of Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization. A product or a service online presence can be increased along with its popularity with the help of social media optimization. Hence, it is important to understand all the aspects of SMM and SMO.

social media marketing

Module 13: Facebook Marketing

Facebook has been an important tool in showing your online presence. Hence, using facebook one can promote a product or service via both paid and unpaid marketing campaigns. It is necessary to understand how to use facebook in promoting your product or service. There are different tools provided by facebook which can be used as a vital tool in social media marketing. Along with using tools one should be able to understand and analyze different statistics provided by the faccebook.

facebook marketing

Module 14: Facebook Ad Campaigns

This module will teach you how to run different advertisement campaigns and analyze their results. Facebook ad campaigns are very important in generating business leads. There is a huge competition among the advertisers in facebook. Being a digital marketing expert one should know how to launch effective marketing campaigns. One should also be able to identify the market segment that you are targeting while launching facebook ads. This is one of the important component of Social Media Marketing.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Module 15: Google Webmaster Tool

This module will introduce you with the Google webmaster tool which will help you to analyze different problems present within the website. It has provided us with a set of tools that can be used to check different metrics of SEO in a very easy and effective way. Some of the important things that you will learn in Google webmaster tool is Google Index status, Google crawl errors and sitemap submitted to Google.

Google Webmasters

Module 16: Google Analytics

This module will introduce you with Google Analytics tools which can help you in identifying your potential customers. Some of the important information of the customers like their demographic data, their source can be studies via Google Analytics. One can also compare different campaigns and their effectiveness via Google Analytics. Google Analytics can show the visitors information from any date range. Being a digital marketing expert one should know how to integrate Google Analytics and analyze its result.

Google Analytics

Module 17: Email Marketing

This module will give you an idea regarding how to launch email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a very good way to inform about your upcoming products or services to the existing customers as well as new potential customers. Email is an important means which will help you to stay connected with your potential customers. Being a digital marketing expert one should also know how to measure the effectiveness of email campaigns. There are different tools present in the market along with CRM software whilch will help in executing email marketing.

Email marketing

Module 18: Affiliate Marketing

This module will introduce you about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has been in practice since a long time. There are different concepts and rules of affiliate marketing. Being an advertiser one can apply for affiliate marketing and being a website owner one can promote others product or services to earn a revenue via affiliate marketing. Simple form of affiliate marketing is banner exchange. There are digital marketing experts who make a good living via affiliate marketing. If you know the right technique to promote a product then you can easily earn a good amount of deal via affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

Module 19: PPC Advertising (Google AdWords)

This module will introduce you with Pay per click advertising method like Google Adwords. Google Adwords has been an effective online advertising platform for business owners. One can easily generate business leads targeting people from a specific place or a country with specific interest via Google Adwords. Google Adwords also comes with keyword research and analysis tool where we can easily see monthly search for a particular keyword. Therefore knowledge of PPC advertising methods is very important to become a digital marketing expert.

PPC Advertising

Module 20: Display Advertising

In this module you will learn about display advertising. Display advertising has become an important way of promoting your business or creating brand awareness showing your presence online. One should know how to generate effective display ads so that it can reach to more people.

display advertising


Digital Marketing Training in Nepal

I am quite happy that I chose ITN after a tiring search for a right computer training institute in Kathmandu for Digital Marketing training. Coming here has been the right decision for me, as I have been able to apply the skills and knowledge that I have obtained here more on a professional level. I now can confidently and effectively incorporate the web marketing strategy quite influentially on social media. 

Rating: 5
Digital Marketing Training in Nepal

The overall training session has been exemplary. I am interning as a junior associate web marketer, and with little to no knowledge on the fundamentals, I joined Digital Marketing Training course at ITN. It has been a savior for me now that I have learned so much about the phenomena of digital marketing and strategy. This has boosted my confidence in my career. I definitely rate ITN as the best computer institute for digital marketing training in Nepal.

Rating: 5