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Workshop on Joomla Administration

On July 18th, 2014, IT Training Nepal conducted a seminar on Joomla Administration which was a huge success. This workshop conducted by IT Training Nepal was successfully attended by 60 participants. Every week IT Training Nepal conducts various workshop related to the IT field which is targeted towards those individuals who try to entertain themselves with IT knowledge and expertise. Joomla is a Content Management System that can be used by individuals who want to create their own website at a minimal cost. Students, IT professionals, business personnel, and many more can develop their own websites using Joomla. In this workshop attendees from different backgrounds showed positive responses to the subject matter and created their own website using Joomla. 

The Objective of Joomla Administration Training 

The primary objective of this workshop was to provide basic levels of skills in Joomla so that the attendees from different backgrounds can create, manage and promote their websites. 


The workshop was conducted with a pragmatic view and was fully based on practical illustrations and examples with live demonstrations. We had divided the workshop in two sessions first session was to provide theoretical concepts to the participants and in our second session we covered 80% of practical illustration and demonstration of Joomla use and reach. 

Overall the workshop was convincing and was appealing to the attendees some of the minor difficulties we faced during the workshop was that participants had to face problems in the Joomla installation process.  

Topics Discussed in Joomla Workshop

  • What is Joomla?
  • Different Joomla versions
  • Benefits of using Joomla
  • When not to use Joomla
  • WordPress vs Joomla Vs Drupal
  • Joomla's official websites information
  • Template, Installing template, Understanding Position
  • Articles, Article Manager, Featured articles
  • Extensions - Component, Modules, Plugins, Templates
  • Components - Default Components, External Components
  • Contact, Weblinks, Banner Component
  • Menu, Menu Item, Assigning Menu Item to components
  • Modules, and Module Types
  • Custom HTML Module, Search module


The presenter was Mr. Srijan Shah. He has experience of using Joomla for 7 years. He has developed several Joomla components and modules in Joomla and contributed to the online Joomla Community.