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Hire Code Igniter Developers

It is often very difficult to hire a programmer that meets our requirement.  Software development companies post vacancies at several job portals; however, they are unable to find the right person at the right time. If you are facing similar problem in hiring a Codeigniter developer and programmer, you have come to the right place, all you have to do is drop an email to us specifying your requirement on hiring Codeigniter developers. We will provide you competent, capable and dedicated Codeigniter developers and programmers who can outsource web application and websites for you or your company from Nepal.

Who we are and how we outsource Codeigniter developers?

IT Training Nepal has been conducting training in various programming courses to students. We also provide training in Codeigniter framework to students who have good programming skills in procedural and object oriented PHP.

However, before jumping directly into Codeigniter framework, students are given a detailed concept of MVC architecture. After providing MVC concepts, we guide students to develop a custom MVC framework in PHP during which they develop a solid understanding and concept on how to write programs in MVC pattern. Then we start with Codeigniter where we first cover the standard CI syllabus and then guide the students to develop custom web application and websites in this framework.

Our training program is devised in a way that candidates will have a strong base in MVC architecture, Codeigniter framework, and develop web applications in CI immediately after the completion of the training.  Thus, programmer and developers who complete Codeigniter course from our training institute will be competent right away to work as a professional Codeigniter developer in a software development company. Moreover, they should be able to understand other MVC based frameworks such as CakePHP and Yii.

The training programs in Codeigniter are conducted by experts working in Codeigniter platform. Thus instructors and professionals provide valuable insights to students on actual working pattern in such kinds of frameworks.

Why choose to hire Codeigniter developer from us?

We have successfully delivered programmers who are adept in creating web application in Codeigniter framework to various software companies in Nepal and abroad. Codeigniter programmers recommended by our training institute are performing well in their workplace.

Who can hire Codeigniter programmer from us?

Web development companies from Nepal seeking a programmer who can right away start coding in Codeigniter platform can hire Codeigniter developer from us. In that case, we will refer developers who can be hired as a full-time programmer working directly under the web development company.

However, if you wish to hire a dedicated Codeigniter programmer to work from our location, we can arrange a dedicated programmer for you. In that case, the programmer will work dedicatedly for you. We will provide you an expert developer who can understand your needs and provide you the right solution. During the development process, you can communicate with the developers directly via email, skype or any other communication medium. We will supervise the hired developer in all the aspects of the development work, if required. 

Qualification that CI Developer will possess:

Hiring a Codeigniter developer from our computer training institute will possess knowledge to develop custom websites and web-based application in Codeigniter. Along with that, the developer will also have the following experiences.

  •  Knowledge of Model View Controller Architecture.
  • Ability to create a custom Model View Controller framework.
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and advanced PHP Programming

If you want to hire a dedicated code igniter developer please contact us. You may either just email your Name and Contact details with the subject of “Hire code igniter Developers and Programmer” to hiring@ittrainingnepal.com OR Call on +977-01-4240005 OR just leave your details in the short form above and submit.