Hire PHP Programmer

If you want to develop a website using a freelancer or if you want hire a PHP programmer who can work from your location, you are at the right place. The PHP Developers can be hired on full time or part time basis.


You can hire PHP Programmer from IT Training Nepal who have different level of PHP skills and knowledge.


The basic PHP programmer possesses the knowledge of writing PHP in a procedural way. They have the working knowledge of HTML and CSS; therefore, they will be able to modify design and layout of web applications. They can write simple SQL queries to perform various database operations in PHP.

Programmer at this level should be able to develop a content management system for the website under the guidance of a senior developer or project manager.


The PHP developers in this category can understand the requirements and specification provided by the clients. They can design database architecture independently according to the specification. They should be able to develop a content management system or an administrative panel for a website independently. They should be able to maintain quality of a developed application. Programmers at this level are experienced in developing News Portals, Educational websites, business and corporate websites, etc.


PHP Programmer who has a good knowledge of object oriented PHP and MVC architecture is kept under this category. Programmer at this level have a good working knowledge of PHP Frameworks like Code Igniter, Yii or other PHP Frameworks developed in MVC architecture. They have ability of developing application implementing several levels of security in their codes. Programmer at this level should be able to develop complex functionalities, write complex queries, design normalized database tables, write optimized and reusable PHP codes.

The Programmers are capable of developing websites, job portals, ecommerce applications and other kinds of custom web-based application. They have a good knowledge of software development life cycle.


IT Training Nepal has been conducting professional PHP Training that would enable students to work as a PHP programmer in a software development company. They should be able to meet the development standards of a software company. The students are trained by highly skilled and expert PHP developers and programmers who are working at various software companies in Nepal. We provide different forms of basic and advanced of PHP training. After completing the PHP Training, the trainees are placed in the internship program where they are provided real time projects. The trainees are guided by project managers during the internship period. During the internship, students are well acquainted with the culture of a software company as well.

Hiring a PHP programmer from IT Training Nepal is a good choice because of several benefits which are as follows.

  • Software companies can get a trained and versatile programmer who is capable to work directly without extra training.
  • Get a PHP Programmer without headaches of interviews and selection for employers.
  • Get a PHP programmer with expertise in diverse platforms.
  • Get a PHP Programmer an experience of working in a team.
  • Hire a PHP Programmer with advance programming concepts like Ajax, JQuery, MySQLi, PDO, etc.
  • Hire a PHP Programmer who have undergone advanced PHP Training with internship at IT Training Nepal


Moreover, we provide our students the working knowledge of open source CMS like Joomla and WordPress which is an added advantage when hiring a php programmer from our insitute. 

If you are looking for a PHP programmer with specified skillsets, you can write to us indicating it. We can even train programmer at intermediate level and refer it to your organization. For example, if you require an intermediate programmer with WordPress customization ability, we can train an intermediate PHP programmer in WordPress customization.


If you decide to hire a PHP programmer to work at your location, please send us your requirements. We can send you CVs of programmers that would be suited as your needs. If you want to hire a dedicated PHP developer from our location, you can specify your requirement, we can assign PHP developers who can work for you.

To contact us, Please email your Name and Contact details with the subject of “Hire PHP Developers and Programmer” to [email protected] OR Call on +977-01-4240005.