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Student Record Management

It is a software used by schools, colleges and other such institutions to manage their day to day jobs. It is used for keeping records of students and staffs, as well as tracking the progress and their financial records. It can also serve as an effective tool for academic planning as course scheduling, lesson planning and implementing can be monitored and evaluated using this system.

Student Management System has been gaining rapid reputation as a reliable system for modern academic institution. The use of technology has been embraced warmly into education sector in the west and now east is following in that direction. School Management System empowers the management of academic institutions to be able to control the operations and implement their plans based on various data and reports obtained from it.

Features of Student Record Management:

  • Keeping records of student; attendance, fees, academic performance, key personal information etc
  • Maintaining records of teachers and other staffs of the same
  • Tracking the progress of course, revising goals and implementing academic plans
  • Handling exams and monitoring the results, grades
  • Handling inquiries from approaching students
  • Operating the admission procedures
  • Revising curricula and setting long terms goals and plans.
  • Objectively setting parameters for awards of credit and qualification.
  • Parents information and feedback

Available Projects:

Student Record Management

IT Training Nepal
Student Name : Manish Nakarmi

This is a desktop application developed by Mr. Manish Nakarmi which deals with the student record management and helps in making the system of any institues, colleges and schools well managed by keeping the overall information of students.