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Job Oriented Training

It is a well-known fact that Information Technology (IT) is a real-time-applicable field. Emerging new devices, programming platforms, applications programming interfaces (APIs), plug-ins and technologies are introduced almost on a daily basis. Therefore, it requires a consistent touch with the field to excel in any area of IT. Additionally, a master of today cannot guarantee his mastery a few months/years after, if he/she, for any reason, leaves the field of IT.

This implies that graduates of IT should enter the professional market as soon as possible. Whereas the major problem faced by most of the academic fellows in the context of our country is the lack of professionalism. To bridge this gap, IT Training Nepal provides a perfect platform for students to practice professionalism required in the job market.

There is a growing demand of programmers in PHP, Java. ASP.Net and many more. Jobs in web designing in Joomla and Wordpress are also increasing in the same pace. Also, non-programming sector is booming equally with jobs like Testing, graphic designing, and business analysts.

It Training Nepal trains their students through project works initially. A project work done at IT Training Nepal is a model of real-time projects assigned in the software companies. Upon the completion of this, students can develop clear vision of his future career. They can take proper decision in which stream they want to excel. This also helps them to face interviews with their prospective employers.

Sequentially comes the phase of internship where students get opportunity to deal with the real requirements of given clients. Students follow the appropriate “Software Development Life Cycle” (SDLC) methodology for the given project.

During Internship, students face the actual working scenario. They also learn how to deal during time- constraints. Understanding of the real job environment and market is gained by students in a short time.

Until a student does not work in a real project, he/she is unable to develop skills that refine his career. At It Training Nepal, we are eager to exploit your talents and express them in the job market. We are all set to build a better future of IT in Nepal with international standards.

Join IT Training Nepal for Job Oriented training on professional courses like ASP.NETMSSQL, C#, C, C++, JAVA, JSP, PHP/MYSQL, Web Design, JQuery, Code Igniter, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Photoshop etc. Please select the training that you want and get an expert advice.