IT Training Nepal follows a set of practices of tools and techniques for designing its course materials, generating appropriate learning environment for students and effectively training them. We are utterly motivated by the vision of building competent human resources by implementing a comprehensive and holistic approach of training. Our overall motive is to build competent human resources by offering students job-oriented training that best fits in the current real-time-scenario in software industries. We are committed towards bridging the gap between students and the prospective software companies who seek for professionals. We realize the limitations of the current education system in our country and the negative consequences faced by students from it. Hence, IT Training Nepal, along with its enthusiastic team strives to remove these drawback and take students to the height of their potential.


  • Students lack the professionalism and the knowledge of cutting edge technologies and best practices that are followed in IT industry.
  • Knowledge of students is limited to theoretical concepts and good ranks.
  • Lack of competency in what they do arises due to the trend of studying only to pass the exams.
  • Students have limited time and a large number of subjects to pass due to which they cannot excel in a particular subject to be ready for the job market.


  • Students are not bounded by strict timelines to finish a course or a project. This gives them a space e to learn and relearn things until they really understand.
  • Once a student is enrolled for a course, we believe that the course ends only after he/she becomes a professional i.e. the student can think, act and perform professionally.
  • Provide opportunity for students to benefit with the pool genuine IT learners or colleagues. Furthermore, they can form their own team and start a project.
  • IT Training Nepal targets to fulfill the high demands of the IT industry.


  • Students commonly face confusion among a wide number of courses available in the market of programming languages. Therefore, at IT training Nepal, we conduct a session of counseling by our experienced professionals which helps them decide which course is the best for them.
  • Students are assessed according to their knowledge before enrollment and trained accordingly. This helps us as well as our students to save the time.


Our training methodology comprises of four steps. They are:


During the training phase, students are given theory as well as practical lessons. Unlike, the theory in the classroom practices; here we provide modern and refined contents that fulfill the ongoing demands of modern software industry. This class gives a sound base for students to visualize and conceptualize the projects they will develop in the next phase.

Project Work

During the project phase, students get familiarized with various components of complete software. Students are given the responsibility to choose project ideas, and our dedicated team helps students to realize their ideas and guide them during the project development. In addition to real time projects, students are also guided in their educational curriculum projects at the undergraduate and graduate level. Project are developed using a variety of technologies and programming languages.


With this Internship program we aim at producing qualified professional adept at working in a specific technology and platform while being sufficiently flexible to work in various other technology and platforms. The intern after successful completion of the program will have acquired all the necessary traits to work as professional like company culture, project assessment, team playing, continuous learning habit and other such skills required in practical field.

Moreover, our students are involved in multiple projects which are created by the professionals from that area. As the student finishes and moves to the next level, the level of difficulty and the level of professionalism become more vigorous compared to the previous level. We guarantee that after finishing a particular course your performance will increase and you will find yourself a lot ahead than expected.


Upon completion of the internship at IT Training Nepal, an individual is necessarily equipped to enter the job market. The individual will have developed the confidence and professionalism required which is critical to the competitive IT industry.

The most important difference about the training methodology at IT Training Nepal is that we engage our trainees on real time application development as an intern after the completion of the training. "IT Training Nepal believes that teaching is not a job, it is a practice which requires a lot of time and effort along with knowledge to master it".