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Residential Training Program

It is often necessary to give the full attention on training to make it more productive. Therefore, homely atmosphere, official duties, public meetings, daily commutes built up unwanted distraction to training making it less fruitful. In these cases residential training keeps away from outside distraction and helps to maintain concentration on learning thus maximizing the study. 

Past Experience

IT Training Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been providing residential training program services to government and non-government bodies, corporate houses, NGO and INGO's for various IT courses.

Process to Residential Training Program

  1. Upon the training request from the client, we discuss the training requirements. A course syllabus is designed after discussion with the client.
  2. Trainer is selected for conducting the Residential training. These types of training program are conducted by experts from related field. The trainers have a proven experience in academic and professional field. 
  3. Residential Training time and venue will be decided upon discussion with the concerned department. Most often we organize a full Residential Training for your organization, but if you request us only to arrange the accommodation, we will be happy to assist you only in the booking process as well.
  4. The residential training will include all the necessary teaching materials such as internet facilities, multimedia projectors, and other resources.
  5. Proper arrangement on meals- breakfast, lunch and dinners are made for the duration of training program.
  6. Trainees can make the most out of leisure time and use hotel facilities during the residential program.

Benefits of Residential Training Program

  • Residential training programs provide opportunity to take training in a distraction free environment. It reduces traveling time to institutes and keeps away from day to day interference due to personal and official work.  It energizes trainees towards learning process. 
  • It is an best opportunity to relax and study in a beautiful and cozy settings.
  • It brings excitements towards learning new skills and enjoying with friends at a same time.
  • The intensive nature of residential training program is an ideal option to get prepared to be certified.
  • Residential Training facilitates in taking trainer support during practice session throughout the day.
  • Provides an opportunity for collaborative learning with other participants.

Please let us know if you are looking forward for giving residential training package for your organization. You can call us at 4240005 or 4240390 to discuss and arrange a package based on your organizational and individual needs.