50% off for SEE appeared students and 20% off for +2 appeared students on Coding


IT Training Nepal provides scholarship to 10 deserving students.


  • Financial Terms
  • Disabilities
  • Partial fees Remission
  • Deserving Students


Financial Incompetence

ITN scholarships are meant for students having difficulties to complete their academic degrees due to financial incompetence. This scholarship opportunity will help them to gain job oriented skills making them competent to apply for jobs in professional IT market.

To find out if you qualify for these scholarships, simply fill out the scholarship form by clicking on this link.

Scholarship for Student with Disabilities

This “ITN Scholarship for Disabled Students” is awarded every month to 5 students so that they can achieve their academic goals and enrich their lives through education and training. The courses offered under these scholarships will help them gain technical expertise to expand their career opportunities.

After the training students are allowed to enhance their skills by participating in internship programs

Partial Fees remission

Students getting scholarship under this category must satisfy the financial need criteria and academic excellence. Different exams are conducted to test their aptitude and diligence in studies. Upon careful observation of their academic criteria, academic council at ITN will recommend them for financial need analysis. After passing both the criteria, the administrative body at ITN will however take decision about various scholarship percentages.

Deserving Students

Students with outstanding performance in their SLC, +2 and undergraduate level are taken into consideration under this scholarship criteria. Every month 2 students are awarded full fee remission for different courses. However, the academic council will conduct any logical test before recommending such students for scholarship.


If you are interest in donating for students under any criteria then please contact us via inquiry section. We will get back to you soon. Your small initiative can help students to become independent.