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Web Design Project

All web designing students have to compulsorily go through the web design projects at the end of the web designing training. During the project work students will be assigned to design the website for any industry or any domain. Some of the most common types of web design projects that we assign to students are ecommerce websites, personal websites, portfolio websites, corporate websites, news portals, job portals, trekking websites etc.

Students are taught to focus on lots of things during their web design project. Some of the important characteristic that are to be addressed while designing the websites are color combination, typography, audience, navigation, structure and industry. Based upon the message of the website or the industry of the website colors are selected. Each color has its own meaning for e.g. orange color shows warmth and passion.

Web Designing Phase

Students have to go through the following steps while designing a web design project.. 

  • At first phase students will discuss about the project they will undertake
  • After the topic is finalized, they will design a wireframe and verify with project managers. During this stage website structure, typography and color combination are finalized.
  • At third stage a template is designed using photoshop
  • After that slicing is done i.e. students will generate corresponding html/css of the template. The website has to be responsive.
  • Finally students will check the website in all the major browsers
  • At the end the web design project will be verified by a team and feedback will be given

Available Web Design Project:

WordPress Themes (0)

You can find variety of WordPress Themes that are developed by students studying WordPress customization training. The themes in these section are free to download and use for your WordPress websites.

Joomla Templates (0)

We have a collection of free Joomla templates developed by students during Joomla template development training session. The template development training is a part of Joomla Advanced Training course. These templates are contributed to Joomla users by the student. You can browse to find a template that match your needs and use it for your Joomla websites.

Website Templates (1)

Download the free templates designed in HTML and CSS that were developed by students at IT Training Nepal during their training period. After you download the template, you can customize the template HTML and CSS according to your needs. These templates can be used for your website design without any restriction.