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Yii framework course

Looking for a professional computer training institute to learn Yii framework in Kathmandu, Nepal? Then IT training Nepal is the best Yii framework training institute for comprehensive training located inside Kathmandu located at prime location in Putalisadak. Do visit IT training Nepal for further information on the training program.

Yii is an open source high performance PHP framework rich with features such as MVC, caching, authentication, security, customization, testing, etc. Yii is fast and secure framework that can significantly reduce the application development time. The yii framework training is intended for individuals aspiring to start a career in PHP application development in Yii. The Yii training class will enable the students to become a self-proficient in developing web applications.

Reasons to select our computer institute for Yii training

Our motive for the training is to provide the students with skills that develop the students in to a competent Yii developer. We provide extensive and professional job oriented job oriented training in Yii framework to provide the students with the confidence to be able to work in a professional environment.

The teachers at IT training Nepal are qualified industry experts and certified instructors with years of experience working in Yii framework. The course content prepared by the instructors was prepared through research. The course content is complete and covers the latest trends and development practice in the industry

How is the Yii training course designed?

Yii is a component based framework that has highly impressive and optimized performance compared to other PHP frameworks. Yii quickly gained positive reviews and popularity for its scalability and uses for developing high performance web applications suited for busy applications like social media sites, forum, portals etc.

We have prepared a comprehensive course content keeping these things in mind and we are devoted to provide the students with professional and hands on training on Yii framework. The course is prepared mainly to help the beginners grow as the content and topic progress and becomes complex. The course will help the students to enhance their skill to the extent that they are able to create and maintain web applications.

How Yii training program runs at IT training Nepal?

The specified course outline of Yii framework is covered thoroughly throughout the training course. By the end of the training the students will complete the development of a real time application using yii as a part of the project work. The teachers use hands on training approach in the class and provide the students with examples of real time scenarios. The learning ability of the students is checked by the teachers through weekly test to ensure the level is up to the desired level. The class runs for 2 hours daily for 6 days a week. The first hour of the class is the period when the teacher explains the course content and demonstrates the format and syntax of the codes. The second hour of the class is separated for practical use, where the students can implement and practice the things learned in the class.


The main objective of the training course is to get the students acquainted with web application development based on Yii framework. Yii framework will provide a platform to create advanced applications from scratch and save time and effort in development process. The student will learn the MVC architecture and implement it in the application.

Who can join Yii framework course?

Individuals with knowledge of PHP programming language are encouraged to join the Yii framework training. Similarly, web developers and framework developers who want to learn yii framework to create an effective web site or application.


Any candidate willing to join the training course must have a sound knowledge of core PHP programming and Object oriented programming concepts. Having prior knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax and MySQL is a benefit for the students. We provide additional classes on PHP language, object oriented programming, MySQL, HTML and CSS to the candidates lacking the above mentioned prerequisites.


Scope and Career after Yii framework course

Without proper framework, development of application and website is complex and very time consuming. Thus, majority of web development IT companies have opted to use frameworks for minimizing task and making the projects more secure. Yii is a very popular and widely used PHP framework, and also considered by web industry professionals to be the best framework for development of MVC application. IT companies are hence looking to hire experts in Yii framework and are willing to pay good money to them. After the completion of the course the student can work professionally as a yii developer, web developer or CMS developer.


Yii framework course

After graduating college, I had been working as a PHP programmer and developing complex application was nightmarish. The training of Yii framework enabled me to develop the applications in a much simpler way and saved time. I would like to thank IT training Nepal for putting this training program together.

Rating: 5
Yii framework course

I visited the IT training Nepal website and was curious about Yii framework and decide to visit the institute. The suggestion provided by the teachers convinced me to join yii framework course. And now I work in a renowned company and get paid very well for my job. Thank you IT training Nepal for putting together this training course and providing me with real time examples and guides.

Rating: 5
Yii framework course

Before starting the training on Yii framework I was a junior PHP programmer with not enough experience and skill, so I decided to join the Yii framework course at IT training Nepal and the hands on training and the course content changed my career. I am now a senior developer in the company and would like to credit it to IT training Nepal.

Rating: 5