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Hire Web Designers

Are you seeking to hire a web designer for your company? If yes, you have come to the right place, ITN provides all kinds of solutions to company looking to hire web designer from Nepal.

It is not an easy job to hire a web designer. The main point is deciding whether the designer fit right to your business or not.

So what are the main points to decide on the designer? You may ask the designer to show the portfolio of his previous work. Most of the time, a portfolio is always the collection of the best works. Portfolio's always going to look better. Most of the time portfolio works are always given enough time. You should not be considered of the past work rather see the potential of the designer at the moment.

Some people often look at his personal website to get an idea on the potential of web designers. However, this is a bad idea. Web designer develop personal designs when they are not at office time. They have ample of time to modify the design. Thus, portfolio websites should not only be measured.


The first important quality of a web designer is the ability to create beautiful, alluring and clean designs. It requires experience and creativeness to develop quality designs.

Designing is an art. It is a creative work. A beautiful design accompanied by creative design components will make the design more appreciable to the audience. So a designer must try to bring creativeness in his design.

User Interface design should be contextual. Designer must select appropriate colors, fonts and other design elements for different types of website.

We can provide you various levels of designers depending upon their experience and skill set.


After completion of web designing training, trainee will be able to generate templates similar to the sample template provided to them. They may be able to create templates by referring few sample designs. They can convert static websites from the PSD file given to them. They are provided the concept of media queries, boot strap framework during the web design training; therefore, they should be able to generate responsive designs as well. They can integrate JQuery sliders, rotators, etc. They can integrate JavaScript for validating forms.


This category of web designer are able to create design by referring sample designs. At this level, the web designers will have the experience of color selection, font selection, image selection, etc. depending upon the type of websites.


The designers in this category can generate one template in a day, except in few cases. They are able to write clean and optimized CSS scripts. They have the knowledge of writing validated HTML and CSS. They can integrate PHP codes with HTML and CSS if required.


You can hire a web designer from IT Training Nepal for various types of jobs.

  • Design beautiful looking websites.
  • Customize design issues in website and web applications.
  • Design Flash
  • Design Home Page Banners, Inner page banners and advertisements.
  • Convert PSD to static websites
  • Create Design for open source CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. and integrate the design in those CMS.
  • Develope custom Joomla templates and WordPress Themes.
  • Graphics Designing, Flex Designing, Brochure Designing, etc.

IT Training Nepal have been conducting advanced Web designing Training for students who want to start their career as a web designer. The main objective of this training is to make candidate capable of designing any kind of website and online applications as required. We have been successful in producing good designers who is capable to work at a professional level in a software development company.

If you want to hire a dedicated web designer please contact us. You may either just email your Name and Contact details with the subject of “Hire Web Designer” to [email protected] OR Call on+977-01-4240005+977-01-4240005.