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Hiring Developers

IT Training Nepal offers hiring developers and programmers for permanent or temporary staffing requirement. There is a high demand of good developers and programmers in the IT market in Nepal. But most of the times the vacancies are not fulfilled due to lack of skill and professional expertise in the candidates. And, this is predominately due to lack of good training institutes. As the academic education focuses on theoretical knowledge and students themselves may lack necessary grooming to work as professional.

IT Training Nepal is a professional computer training institute that is focused on producing high skilled IT manpower in the country. We conduct high end software development training after which candidates can work directly at a professional level in software development companies. Our institution provides better knowledge about any programming language and we provide project based training. We conduct training based on object oriented software design techniques, MVC patterns and frameworks and implementing Design Patterns in real world applications, ensuring that developers have the highest level of skills required to work in any platform.

We have special placement cell in order to carry out all hiring and placement activity. Our placement team has formulated a tested and verified placement procedure which is sure to yield benefits for both employer and candidates. We outsource developers to Nepal based software development company as well as IT companies abroad.


The placement cell comprised of professional developers, project managers in IT fields have developed a systematic and scientific model for selecting and recommending fitting candidates for hiring companies, based on the years of experience in this IT industry. Placement procedure is categorized and illustrated as below:

  1. Study your requirement criteria
  2. Short list the candidates
  3. Study the candidate’s profile
  4. Conduct orientation and training as per your requirement
  5. Forward candidates for approval

Along with qualified candidates we will provide you for your discretion.

Student Profile: A short description of the profile (name, address, education, experience, etc) of a certain student, which has been filled in by the student.

Student Project: Access the quality of the student by checking their past works and projects.

Currently we are providing professional software training on Web Development and Designing, Java Programming, .NET Programming, Ruby on Rails, database development and various other software training.

Working Mode:Deeming the need of companies and providing them with flexibility in choosing staffs and places to work from, we provide unique and beneficial opportunity for employers. The placement cell in IT Training Nepal, entertains employers to have final say on hiring permanent staffs at any given time along with the option of staffing them at the software development wing of IT Training Nepal.

We care currently providing following services in hiring developers program:

  • At your location
  • At our location


The placement cell at IT Training Nepal has been providing offshore developers to various companies abroad. If you are a software/ web development company residing outside Nepal, we are eager to provide you with offshore developers from select bunch of talented and motivated developers and designers.

If there are specific job requirements or if you need to build a good development team, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 01-4240005. We can immediately refer you the best candidates who can perform at any situation.

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